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Your Goodwill donations really make a difference!

Goodwill donation centerBecause you’re a savvy Goodwill shopper, you know that cleaning out your closets and donating your clothing and housewares to Goodwill provides savings to other shoppers. But your donations also contribute to our training and assistance programs for locals that are unemployed or underemployed. While you’re patting yourself on the back for keeping items out of the landfill—Earth Day is just around the corner, you know—pat your other shoulder for helping in these following ways!

Get out the pots and pans! Gently used kitchenware can be donated at most Goodwill locations. Donate five kitchen items and you will provide 23 minutes of financial planning class for a single mom like Stephanie Gayle, who learned financial literacy, job search and placement strategies, and résumé development that helped her land and keep a job.

Video Games
Do you let old games hang around after you’ve won? Donate them! 10 donated video games and can provide 47 minutes of on-the-job training for someone like Sarouet Ouk, who dropped out of school but found a green job and got back on track educationally, thanks to a Goodwill job training program.

You know I love buying gently used books from Goodwill. I love donating them, too! Donate 15 books and provide 26 minutes of career counseling for a veteran like Jason Tobey, a Marine Corps vet who struggled to find employment after being honorably discharged from the military.

Home decor
Whether it’s for the holidays or for a bit of everyday luxury, I love finding bits and bobs to decorate my abode. It’s even better when I can get those items at bargain prices thanks to Goodwill. Donate three lamps and a mug, and you can provide 39 minutes of job training for someone like Tabitha Nobles, who was homeless after splitting up with her husband. She learned how to keep going through a Goodwill Career Connections class.

It’s always a good time to take a spin, I say! But when you grow out of your trusty bike, donate it. Donating one bike can fund 27 minutes of job training for someone like Mel Yawn, who was born with spina bifida and faced a difficult time finding employment, but he now works for

Last but not least, the clothing! Donate one bag of clothes and you can provide 1.1 hours of résumé preparation for someone like Devin Williams,  who had a criminal background and struggled with addiction, but got his life back on track and is pursuing a career in environmental engineering.

It’s easy to find out what your “donate pile” can do for Goodwill and your local community. Check out our fancy abacus and calculate your impact!

Ah, Mother Earth and Goodwill. We go nicely together, don’t we?

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