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Who Wears Short Shorts?

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you are most likely aware of my long and somewhat troubled history with a classic summer staple that I can confidently assume most of us have had a dance with: the jean short (aka the jort). Denim cut offs, cuffed denim, mom jorts – each season, the jean short makes it way on the runway with some new spin. While I absolutely love me some jorts, there’s a couple things I’ve figured out along the way when it comes to for nailing the styling of this timeless summer style. 

For the full history on my “jort sporting”, you can revisit this post from a few years back. But, today I’d like to share some of my best practices in rocking your jorts like the polished fashionista that you are just in time for summer! 

I recently scored three pairs of perfect jorts at the Bowie and South Dakota Avenue Goodwill stores. Each have a defining characteristic that make them the perfect happy medium in from my daisy dukes to my more refined jort sporting. And equally as important, each pair cost me less than $5.00! Women’s shorts are always $3.99 at Goodwill! 

First, let’s talk inseam and rise. I am sure you’ve noticed that high rise/waist has been a hot trend for a couple years now – but, when it comes to jean shorts, it can go from hot trend to hot mess incredibly fast. 

The new style of ultra high rise waists combined with micro-one and half inch inseams makes for a diaper-esque look. They’re thick and clunky in the midsection and the short inseam makes them appear more like denim panties. I’ll spare you the rest – you certainly don’t need a photo after that visual! Ha. 

So, to avoid the denim diaper crisis – stick to a mid-rise with a medium length inseam. That may feel like the most boring fashion statement I’ve ever made but I can assure you, it’s a universally flattering style. And – in looking at my recent finds from Goodwill, it really doesn’t have to be boring!

mid-rise Old Navy Boyfriend fit shorts found at Old Navy
Forever 21 stretch denim button-fly shorts found at Goodwill
The first pair is a mid-rise Old Navy Boyfriend fit with slight distressing but best of all – they’re about as stretchy as yoga pants! The second is a fun button-fly style from Forever 21 (also stretch denim!). 

dark wash Mossimo mid-rise shorts found at Goodwill
Finally, the last pair I snagged was a dark wash Mossimo mid-rise fit sold at Target Stores. You’ll notice that all of the styles I picked up have cuffed hems. I find that the cuff gives it a little more finish. It feels polished. Another common thread in my style selections is a mid-to-dark wash. The Mossimo pair is a deep indigo which I will pair with a silky long sleeve blouse and some cute espadrilles for a dressier look. 

The Forever 21 and Old Navy pairs are a happy medium wash that will accent a light cotton tank or tee and fun flat sandal.

So, my fellow fashionistas, if you’re looking to refresh your jort selection this summer – stick to the mid-rise styles with polished elements like dark wash and finished hemlines. And if you’re looking to save some cash – head to Goodwill and stock up because women’s shorts are only $3.99 (everyday!). 

Karen Wathen is a young professional and self-proclaimed “thriftanista.” Her passion for fashion and her savvy spending habits make shopping second-hand one of her favorite hobbies. Wearing many (frugal and fashionable!) hats, Karen is a highly caffeinated Special Olympics coach, passionate community volunteer, amateur foodie, farm dweller, newlywed, and cheap wine connoisseur. When she isn’t scavenging the racks at DC Goodwill stores, you can find her barefoot in her kitchen, blasting country music and cooking up locally sourced foods from her Southern Maryland community. Follow her on Instagram (@k_watttfor a peek into her savvy life!

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