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What’s the Big Deal with Birkenstock Sandals?

Dearest DC Goodwill Fashionistas, for the past couple of years (even longer than than that), I’ve seen ladies of all ages rocking the signature Birkenstock-style sandal and all of its iterations and spin-offs.

The Birkenstock sandal has actually been around for many decades, but in more recent years, designers and brands have been taking the shoe as inspiration and transforming it in many ways. It’s now made of vinyl, comes in a variety of colors….it’s hard to keep track of the variations that exist.

Despite the fact that the shoe has history and comes in many shapes and sizes, I keep asking myself, “Do I actually like this style of shoe?” And you want to know my answer to that? It’s “No.”

Birkenstock sandals

Image from Topshop

While I can appreciate the shoe’s lineage and seemingly comfortable shape, I just can’t get behind the style.

It’s honestly a little too bulky for me. Having small feet, the last thing I want to wear is a shoe that hides my feet and makes them look bulky.

This style of shoe is isn’t feminine enough for me – I can’t see myself wearing any rendition of this shoe in the workplace. To me, they read off as too boho-chic, and hiker casual. They’re way too casual and look like you just slipped them on while walking out the door.

I’m also a big sucker for buckles on shoes, but boy, these are just way too big for me. They take up the entire shoe and cover most of your feet! I bet the foot tan you’d get with these would look “interesting” to say the least.

Birkenstock style

Image from Topshop

Finally, I thought sandals were supposed to keep your feet cool in the warmer temperatures? These leather and plastic styles look comfortable, but highly sweat-inducing. Also, if your feet gets sweaty in these shoes, it looks like they’d slip right out because there is no strap in the back. Who knows!

Fashionistas, what do you think of this style of sandal? Am I being too hard on the shape?

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2 Comments for What’s the Big Deal with Birkenstock Sandals?

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