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What I Wore: Vintage Pattern Remix

For a standard DC Sunday brunch, I like to put on my best snazzy vintage outfit to showcase my unique and fashionable flare. You never know who you’ll run into while eating brunch in DC, so looking my best is something I value. I want to make a great first impression on everyone I meet and be remembered as the snazzy petite girl who got her whole look for pennies from Goodwill. 

colorful 60s pants and zebra 80s vest from Goodwill

 Typically when I put any of my looks together, I like to combine items from various decades to create a unique look. In this ensemble, I’m mixing 80’s and 70’s color poppin’ gems with a boho twist using the zebra printed vest. Sometimes while out shopping at Goodwill, I like to look in the pajamas section for fun-patterned vintage finds. That’s where I found these pants! For under $10, I scored these 60’s pants with a matching belted top. 

colorful 60s pants and zebra 80s vest from Goodwill

And finally, to add on a few more vintage cues, I styled this look with big pieces of gold jewelry including my chain belt, bracelet, and door-knocker hoops. When an outfit of mine feels like there’s something missing, I do a little experimentation and throw on items like a vintage chain belt and large earrings. 

Although this type of accessory isn’t usually sold at mass retailers, it can add a detail to your look that’s both vintage, fun and original. I find them at Goodwill all of the time!

Curious to know the breakdown of my look? I’d be happy to share where everything came from! My outfit consisted of:Zebra Sweater Vest: Chico’s under $8 Gaithersburg, MD Goodwill

Talk about a steal! This unique look would never have been found at mass retailers. 

What are your thoughts on cozy, lazy, yet trendy vintage, errands look, fashionistas? 

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