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What I Wore: Spring Pattern Mix to the Max

The weather is FINALLY warm fashionistas and I’m going out in style! To kick off this 2017 spring season, I’m diving in head first with interesting style moves such as pattern mixing.

As you’ve seen in some of my previous Goodwill looks, I’m a big advocate for styling different patterns together to create visually complex outfits that keep an eye looking up and down. My favorite pattern to mix with other textures is stripes. But I never mention my love of polka dots.

I find polka dots are another one of those patterns that can be easily mixed with other intricate designs. Yet, they can also remain a relatively calm place for an eye to rest without being a strict solid. The repetitiveness of polka dots make them a cohesive design that can be styled with almost any color or fabric texture.

In this look, I decided to wear my big, polka dotted, Loft top alongside my beloved, art-like, J Crew slacks.

The reason why these two pieces work well together is because of the polka-related reason I mentioned above. Plus the colors in the shirt are found in the pants as well.

To add in one more pop of layered complexity to my look, I threw in my textured and neutral blazer. While this outwear has unique fabric, the oatmeal color calms the look down among the chaos of patterns underneath.

Because my look is so diverse, I wanted to keep it low key in the jewelry department. I added pops of gold and shine through my handbag and buckle booties. The tiny sections of glitzy hardware aren’t distracting, but they still contribute a much-needed level of slight glam. Plus, aren’t those buckles on my shoes just simply rad? I get compliments on them all the time with every look I put together!

What do you think of today’s look, fashionistas? Thoughts on the differences in pattern mixing? How would you style each of these Goodwill components? 

Are you curious to know where each name brand item came from in my look? Here’s the scoop! Everything from Goodwill added up to below $25. For these brands, that’s impressive!

Polka dotted silk collared shirt: LOFT, $5.99: Rockville Goodwill

Silk patterned pants: J Crew, $6.99: Gaithersburg Goodwill

Textured blazer: Boutique Brand, $7.99: Rockville Goodwill

Blue handbag: Vegan brand, no name

Round sunnies: Spitfire

Buckle booties: Rebecca Minkoff

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