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What I Wore: Goodwill + Graffiti

One great aspect about DC is that everywhere you look and every neighborhood you visit, beautiful graffiti exists.

DC is home to a vast array of graffiti artists such as Decoy and Kelly Towles, and in virtually every nook and cranny of DC, you’ll find artwork of any of these talented artists.

For one of my weekend looks, I decided to take a few snaps in front of one of these masterpieces, the colors really popped, and the artwork spoke to me.

As you can see, the colors are vibrant and the lettering execution is seemingly immaculate (at least to the eye of an amateur graffiti appreciator like myself).

Goodwill Outfit


When I decided to take a few pictures next to this wall art, I was wearing one of my more business casual looks for a weekend brunch plus light shopping.

Although I did do some walking on this day, I decided to wear a more covered look featuring my most comfortable and chic pair of  tie-up Soda wedges.

Goodwill Outfit

I also decided to wear my brand new with tags light Anne Taylor LOFT printed beige shorts, because it was so hot, and took two minutes to throw on in the morning.

Because I was pretty lazy that morning, I also decided to wear one of my many oversized black shirts with a large cut out in the back. The cut out was the perfect window for any afternoon breezes, without bearing too much skin.

Goodwill Outfit

Although I’m not usually a fan about pairing brown and black together, the beiges in my shorts were a close enough tie for me to throw my beloved caramel-colored vintage snakeskin purse into my look. Had I been wearing all black, I would have been a bit less open to mixing my neutrals, however, my shorts were the appropriate window to allow me to do so with ease.

As you’ve seen before, I find handbags to be one of the best vehicles to easily integrate a touch of vintage flair to an outfit. Vintage purses can be purchased in almost every color at every Goodwill store, making them an accessible and affordable accessory that likely no one else will have. I get so many compliments on my envelope purse!


Curious to know the breakdown of my look? I’d be happy to share where everything came from! My outfit consisted of:

Classic black oversized cut-out skirt: Boutique, under $5, Rockville Goodwill

Black piano key necklace, Forever 21, Free, Clothing Swap

Black lace-up wedge shoes: Soda, $2.50, Alexandria Goodwill

Beige and Black loose shorts: LOFT, under $5, (Originally $50+) Gaithersburg Goodwill

Vintage snakeskin envelope handbag: Vintage $6.99, Rockville Goodwill

Mod sunnies: Spitfire

Outfit total (Goodwill items): Under $20! Holy cow!

Talk about a steal! This look would have originally been $100+! ?

What are your thoughts on my casual but classy daytime look, fashionistas? 

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