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What I Wore: DC Pool Living Summertime Swim

Fashionistas, fall is one month away and I’m trying to soak up the sun before the DC cold weather haze hits.

Ever since I moved into the city, I’ve been trying to take advantage of all of its free attractions. This includes the city pools.

The Upshur Community Pool is a short 8-minute walk away from my place. So I decided to stroll there yesterday with one of my close, vintage-loving, friends.

At the pool you know I have to rock mostly all Goodwill finds, including this swimsuit I picked up for pennies at one of the new Prince George’s County stores.

A picture of a vintage, '90s, bikini. It has a high waisted bottoms and has pastel colors of orange, teal, pink, and purple.
It’s vintage, inspired by the likes of Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell and every 80’s Valley Girl.

When I found it at Goodwill I was on Cloud 9. It’s hard to find anything that fits me perfectly. So the fact this whole suit fit like a glove was astounding.

A picture of a Zara purse. It is purple with a scorpion made out of faux stones and jewels on it. It is lying on top of a colorful purple, blue, pink, and yellow scarf

With the suit, I also wore a Zara scorpion purse I picked up brand new with tags from the new Centerville, VA store. It’s colorful and beachy, perfect for the pool ensemble!

For under $5 at Goodwill I found this watercolor cover up as well. The fabric is sheer and breezy, allowing me to easily throw it over any swimsuit or summer get-up.

A picture of the DC Goodwill Fashionista (a woman with short brown hair) wearing the vintage '90s bikini putting a pair of pink, round, sunglasses on her face

For my other accessory of choice, I rocked my contemporary, round, pink sunnies.

A picture of the DC Goodwill Fashionista (a short woman with short brown hair) wearing a pink, sheer, tank top style cover up with purple shorts with pink bracelets and a pink watch. You can see the strap of a purse on her right shoulder, dangly earrings, and an assortment of gold bracelets and rings

Before I hit the pool, I was decked out in other vintage-style 90’s pastels over the weekend. I chose to wear my beloved, purple, vintage Lacoste shorts and peach leotard to embrace the bright sun.

When it’s sunny out, I like to transition my wardrobe from all black to all color. Black clothing absorbs the sun and makes me sweaty and uncomfortable. Lighter colors, on the other hand, are more breathable and heat-friendly. I really wear bright colors out of practicality. 🙂

What have you worn at the pool this summer, fashionistas? 

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