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What I Wore: A Day(te) with Myself

Fashionistas, sometimes it’s the best to just take a day to yourself, run errands, treat yourself to good food and simply have “me” time. That’s what I did yesterday!

Although I did run a lot of errands, I wanted to shop in style because looking good can sometimes make you feel extra good!

So I opted for a staple in my closet: stripes. Stripes is an easy pattern to style while still making you look put together and classic. This J. Crew crew neck top was scored from Goodwill in Rockville months ago for under $5. It’s very comfortable and always looks put-together and a bit French when worn with all black.



When I first put together this outfit, I didn’t wear the vest. While the look was still cute, it was missing something to take it to the top….and that’s when I decided to play with texture and rock my beloved furry vest.

This vest is incredibly comfortable and stylish, but keeps me very warm at the same time on these cooler fall days. I didn’t wear a jacket with this ensemble because the vest did the job, oddly enough. Even without furry sleeves!

While the vest was not purchased at a DC Goodwill location, I’ve seen many of them at all DC Goodwills for under $7. I might need to buy another one…

Before I jump to obsessing about my favorite part of my outfit, I’ll just mention that this skirt is a Goodwill find, and was under $6. It’s by H&M and fits likes a little 60’s mod retro item. I usually wear it to work with stripes or more boxy tops.

 dc goodwill outfit

My boots are also not from Goodwill, but I have a major thing at the moment for knee-high boots. When I first spotted them, I knew I had to buy them because I liked the look and it keeps my legs warm with shorter skirts. They transform what would be a skimpier skirt, to one that looks more classy and appropriate for any occasions.

These boots are made of black elastic materials on the backsides, which allows them to form fit to my legs, allowing a more slick and sophisticated look.

I think this style of boot is mandatory for a petite girls like me. Sometimes, a cute yet slouchier boot can make petite ladies look shorter than we really are and don’t elongate our legs.

orange necklace

Out of the whole ensemble, my favorite part is this Amrita Singh NEW WITH TAGS statement necklace that I picked up this past weekend from the Rockville location for under $5…which is a steal especially because these gems usually go for $60 and above.

When I saw this art in the jewelry case, I told a Goodwill employee immediately that I was taking it home. I didn’t even try it on! But I sure am happy that I purchased it. Along with this look, I’m sure the necklace would look fabulous with a blue/green or pink/purple pattern. The bright orange can match anything, except for maybe brown.

Amrita Singh

How do you like to rock a, “me” day, fashionistas? To you keep it more casual, or dress up for yourself, like I did this weekend? There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate you!

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