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Trendy Tuesday: The summer sunhat

In keeping with my summer getaway state of mind, I’m talking about another head wear trend that is takin’ over the fashion scene today. There’s been an influx of chic hats on the market this summer and I am definitely not complaining. From funky fedoras to playful panama hats, we’ve definitely stepped up our headgear game. Long past are the days of 90’s bucket hat, dear readers. Let’s take a look at some of this summer’s most popular styles. The Panama Hat I’m going to argue that the Panama hat didn’t really get “big” until this year. There were a few bloggers that touched on this style last summer but it didn’t really become a mainstream style until now. These hats typically have a wide, structured brim all the way around. They’re definitely more structured than a lot of the straw options that have been classic, popular styles. Of the three hottest hat styles right now, this is probably my least favorite. I could be biased, but the stiff and wide brim looks a little like a State Trooper topper on me. rp_c600x386.jpg



The Fedora
The fedora style hat has been around for a while now and I really love it. It looks great on many different shaped heads and pairs well with a plethora of different hair cuts. My sister has a pixie cut and looks adorable in one, yet at the same time, my best friend has really long hair and looks just as good! This is a lighter style that features a shorter brim that is often tucked up  in the back. This is arguably the most affordable of my three choices; you can find these for as little as $10.00 at stores like Target or even cheaper at Goodwill. You’ll see below!
The Fedora hat

The Floppy Sunhat The floppy sunhat is the most timeless, classic style. It’s multipurpose and easily chic. Some styles feature a thin wire in the edge of the brim to help keep the perfect flop around the face. This style provides the ultimate sun protection, too. It’s funny that as a kid, we always made fun of my mom for wearing this style and now I am lusting after these wide, floppy brims. I love the ones with a fun scarf tied around them; you could absolutely take one of your headscarves and dress your floppy hat up to match your swimsuit.

the floppy sunhat

I was shopping in Old Town last spring and one of the consignment shops I was in had this sign that said “Get it or Regret it.” Well, dear readers, I am really feeling that regret after snapping pics of two amazing summer hats that I found earlier this year at the Columbia Pike Goodwill (before I knew how popular the styles were going to be) and now I am really kicking myself because both would have been amazing (and affordable!) options for my Miami trip this weekend. Alas, someone else must have snagged these because they were both under $5.00. Not to mention, that J. Crew fedora would have cost around $35.00 to $40.00 brand new. I’ll have to pop in again before I take off on Thursday to see if I can snag one for such a great price.

My Goodwill hat finds

My Goodwill hat finds

Oh, and if you are planning on traveling with your hat, here is a great tutorial from A Pair & A Spare on how you can transport your topper with the utmost care.

What’s your favorite summer hat style? 

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