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Trendy Tuesday: Spooking with your Significant Other

Whether it be your beau or your partner in crime (or maybe both!), costuming as a couple is a fun way to spice up your Halloween. I’ve taken the laborious search of millions of ideas right off your hands today, dear readers. Here are a few of the best couples costumes that you can replicate for under $10.00 from your local Goodwill (and probably even your own closet!).

Wendy Peffercorn and Squints: I’ve never met a person who didn’t like The Sandlot. Squints is a super easy costume. You can go with the picture below and wear a baseball jersey, jeans, cap and some “hipster” glasses. He’s also infamous for a white tee with a short sleeved button down over it in a brown plaid; you can find that a Goodwill for $4.98 in the men’s section! Wendy is known for her white framed sunnies, red hair bow and lifeguard outfit. Any red tank and short will do if you were never a guard and don’t own any of that cheesy Lifeguard beach store gear.




Wayne and Garth: I love the idea of dressing up as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World because anyone can do it and make it downright funny. This is a super easy one. For Wayne,  a black ball cap ($2.00), black tee shirt ($2.00), men’s jeans ($5) and some good old Chucks. If you aren’t already sporting long, brown locks then a brown wig will be necessary, too. Oh, and two thumbs up, dude! That part is free. For Garth, grab a pair of hipster glasses (very easy to find these days!), a band tee ($3), flannel shirt over that ($5) and a pair of men’s jeans ($5). For your prop, a pair of drum sticks will be perfect! This is an easy one, fashionistas. No one will be left guessing who you are supposed to be!

Wayne and Garth

Sheldon and Amy: So, I’d argue that personalities will be more fun that the actual costume with this idea. If you are a Big Bang Theory fan, you’ll definitely agree. Sheldon is know for his khakis ($5), long sleeve plain tee ($2) and Bazinga-esque tee shirt ($2). Any science theme tee will suffice and you have to be sure to do the awkward body movements that he does. For Amy, she is known for her wild colors and print mixing. She often wears bold tights ($2), a skirt ($5), oxfords ($10) and then a tee shirt layered under a button-down cardigan ($5).

Sheldon and Amy


There you have it, dear readers. Three easy and affordable costume ideas that you can pull off with your better half! Which is your favorite?

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