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The normcore snore

Seinfeld: Normcore?

Jerry Seinfeld: Normcore role model?

Just when the millennial woman is just figuring out her personal style, normcore has come along to squash it. The concept of normcore is still so fuzzy to me that I keep reading New York Magazine‘s long, detailed piece on it. For all the rereading and studying and Instagram-flipping I’ve done, the best answer seems to come from one interviewee, Jeremy Lewis:

“Right now a lot of people use fashion as a means to buy rather than discover an identity and they end up obscured and defeated. I’m getting cues from people like Steve Jobs and Jerry Seinfeld. It’s a very flat look, conspicuously unpretentious, maybe even endearingly awkward. It’s a lot of cliché style taboos, but it’s not the irony I love, it’s rather practical and no-nonsense, which to me, right now, seems sexy. I like the idea that one doesn’t need their clothes to make a statement.”

What I’m reading, and hearing, and seeing, is the 90s. It’s just the 90s. It’s the plain, baggy clothes we used to wear because it was popular. It’s popular again, but we refuse to look back at the 90s and so we’ve given it a new name. Normcore. So normal it’s hip. So boring it’s chic.

The problem with normcore is that my mental image of a normcore poster child is a DC tourist, posing in front of the White House fence in an FBI hoodie they bought off a street cart. But in reality, normcore is a little more like this:

That’s me on the right, as you probably guessed. This is what I wore to work on Monday, at a photoshoot in a very industrial space. I threw on lightweight jeans, galoshes, my favorite hoodie, and a beanie. No makeup. No jewelry. I walked out the door just like that.

(In retrospect, my colleagues all look pretty stylish in comparison.)

There’s not much of a difference between a tacky DC tourist and myself. If you saw me walking down the street, there wouldn’t be much separating a “tourist” label and a “running to the corner store first thing in the morning because I need milk for my coffee” label.

If I wanted to fit into a fashion niche, I’d make an effort. If I’m having lazy days (or lazy all the time, as it were this winter), that’s not a trend. That’s just being lazy. And we have to be okay with that.

Read up on the normcore trend and let me know in the comments what you think!

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2 Comments for The normcore snore

March 12, 2014

I totally agree; it’s just revival of the 90s with a new name. but that’s the cyclical nature of fashion for ya!

XO Sahra
Que Sera Sahra

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