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The Evolution of Chunky Sandals

For the past couple of years or more, chunky sandals have been all the rage, and this season is no exception.

It seems every year, this style continuously evolves, becoming more loud and futuristic. Designers are experimenting with textures and materials so much that each style I see is another sculptural wearable experience.

Despite the fact that these pieces of footwear are very creative, I’m not sure I’d ever wear them out on the streets. They seem too loud and honestly….heavy. What do you think?

Image from Who What Wear

Image from Who What Wear

This Chanel pair  is a bit too weird for me. Even though they are by Chanel (who doesn’t love Chanel?!) the lights, the pattern, the weird black tire sole…’s just not flattering.

If I were to wear these, my legs would be so tired from carrying the weight on my ankles. Also they’d probably make my legs look really small and stocky.

Image from Who What Wear

Image from Who What Wear

This Ferragamo pair is really weird, too. It’s like a sneaker in sandal form. For me, I’d rather choose to just wear a sneaker. It might be more sweaty, but this shoe is just too ponderous. There are way too many styles mixed into one.

I will say this: if I saw these at Goodwill (and they weren’t knock-offs), I’d buy them and rock ’em at a fashion show.

Image from Who What Wear

Image from Who What Wear

Now this Kenzo pair looks so uncomfortable. It looks like the model is walking on a platform made of straws or cigarettes. I can’t imagine that’s healthy for one’s foot.

I’m also not sure I’m a fan of the vinyl surface of these mustard straps. The combination doesn’t feel fresh or springy to me…it’s more fall? I don’t even know.

Image from

Image from YVETVDN

Although I have done some trash talking a bit of the runway sandals, I am still fan of chunky sandals. I just prefer more basic ones that I can wear with multiple types of outfits.

If I want to invest in a pair of sandals or find a pair at Goodwill, I want them to be versatile and practical.

These black pairs above not only meet my standards, but they look so comfortable too! I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes out for a pair of these on the Goodwill racks! Multiple pairs. 🙂

What do you think of these never-ending trending style of sandals? How do you feel about how they evolved over the years? 


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