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The DCGF’s Summer Getaway Essentials: Frugal Fashion

Last Monday, I brought you the best in affordable beauty essentials for summer and even though I am back home from a wonderful weekend getaway, I’m still talking about the one thing you can spend money on that can make you richer: travel. There is nothing more essential about travel fashion than comfort (and affordability!). Here are my favorite pieces for traveling in style.
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1.) The Black Maxi: This weekend, I traveled to and from Miami in a long black maxi. This is undeniably the perfect staple for travel; think comfort and versatility here. You can find maxi dresses for as little as $8.98 (Thank you, Goodwill!). The beauty of the black maxi is that it can be dressed up or down for occasions like travel, classy dinner or even your typical tourist excursions. It kept me warm on the plane and cool when I landed! You can’t beat that.

2.) The Light Cardi: My “cardi” of choice this summer is the kimono. Since this is a relatively new style, I scored a clearance black one with fringe accents from Marshall’s for $13.00. I wore it on my trip as a swim suit cover-up; it was perfect for walking the strip and popping in and out of shops. You can always do a light knit cardigan, too. It is easy to pack if you are in a movie theater or flying but still looks chic. I like my kimono because the chiffon and lace never wrinkled so I could throw it in my beach bag and it still looked fabulous!

3.) The Cheap Accessories: I have style confession, dear readers. I am not responsible enough to trust myself to buy a quality pair of sunglasses. Yes, as a early-twenty something, I still act like a child when I see the ocean and I always forget to take off my sunglasses. No Ray Bans for this gal; I buy a pair of $5.00 sunglasses and if they wash away in a wave or I sit on them in my beach bag, it isn’t the end of the world. I also think wearing a dangle earring with a swimsuit looks super cute so I usually rock cheap flashy earrings with mine. A summer sunhat is another essential! I didn’t get one in time for my trip and I am writing to you with a sunburnt scalp today. My head is still radiating heat. I should have taken my own advice from my summer sun hat post; did you catch it?

4.) The Neutral Sandal: I am a certified light packer so packing a shoe that can be worn with everything is an absolute essential. I packed a gold flat metallic sandal and a black wedge for the entire weekend in Miami. I like to bring a black shoe and then a flashy metallic because I know I can match it to everything. I scored mine at Target on clearance at the end of the summer last year for $3.98. Late August and early September are the best times to buy sandals; they are always on clearance during this time.

5.) The Flashy Swimwear: A little something flashy in the swimwear department is a definite for any summer plans. I scored the above swim suit at H&M for $4.00 a piece on summer sale. I’ll be honest, I like the tops with underwire and they’re usually expensive but not this one! I have to hand it to H&M; they have the best sales around on swim wear. I chose this one for the gold accents and shiny color.

What are your fashionable travel essentials, dear readers? Share them in the comments below!

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