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The DCGF Goes to Philly!

Like I mentioned in my post a few Mondays ago, one big New Year’s resolution I have for 2017 is to travel more around the country to gain new experiences and visit friends.

In addition to my traveling resolution, one goal of mine is to stop by Goodwill stores in every state I visit. Each Goodwill in every state is different and I want to learn more about my all-time favorite non-profit so I feel like a more informed supporter.

So…this past Saturday I decided to embark on an impromptu day trip to Philly. And let me tell you it did not disappoint! I have not been to Philly in almost a decade, despite how close in proximity it is to the DC area. So I knew I was in for an especially new adventure.

When I went to Dallas, their Goodwill stores taught me about Texas culture and style. In Philly, I was able to finally visit one of Goodwill’s concept vintage stores!

Two pictures of racks and displays from inside the Retrospective Vintage Store

South of Philly is home to Retrospective Vintage, a curated vintage store owned and operated by Goodwill.

It’s a cute and quaint boutique that happens to be run by Goodwill. When I first walked in, I had no idea it was Goodwill-affiliated!

Two pictures of racks of clothes and colorful sweaters at Retrospective Vintage Store

Picture of the interior of racks of clothing and two people inside the Retrospective Vintage Store
Prices at this particular Goodwill were higher than typical stores as a result of the more curated and tailored collection. Shirts ranged from $10-$15 and dresses were priced at $50 at most.

I did spot some boots for $10, but this seemed to be a rare sighting at this location.

A collage of pictures including a display with a pink sofa and various other items, sunglasses, and purses at Retrospective Vintage Store
All in all, I really enjoyed my experience shopping at this new type of Goodwill store. The selection and merchandising were pleasant and inviting and the staff was incredibly knowledgeable about vintage clothing of all decades.

And despite the fact this store was a boutique, I did feel like I could still hunt for a deal and find a diamond in the rough.

However, there’s nothing like shopping at one of my beloved DC Goodwill stores where I can find authentic vintage clothing for a tad cheaper. There’s something about the activity of the “hunt” for gems at DC Goodwill stores, which I think is hard to replicate at a boutique shop.

A collage of pictures including images of various displays of items at Retrospective Vintage Store

Thanks, Retrospective Vintage, for welcoming me into your store! I loved the collection and I cannot wait to go back next time I’m in Philly!

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