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The Busy Gal’s Guide to Dressing: Part 1

Dear readers, there’s something about these sunny days that makes the pace of life seem lightening fast. Weekends become packed with the finer things in life like savvy shopping with friends and grilled food galore, leaving us with less and less time to outfit prep for the Monday through Friday grind. Add on top of those fun filled weekends, a two plus hour commute everyday, and you’ve got the recipe for one busy gal! Today, I’ve put together a few fashion tips for those mornings where you just don’t have time to get it together flawlessly.


This my absolute favorite Goodwill blazer piece!

This my absolute favorite Goodwill blazer piece!

1.) Put a blazer on it. My go-to 20 minutes-to-get-out-the-door outfit is all black with a popping blazer thrown over top. It’s slimming, looks polished and is easily put together when time is of the essence. Choose blazers with a bold lining and you’ll have another effortless way to look chic on the fly. I love this one I snagged for $6 at Goodwill; the herringbone pattern and striped lining take my outfits from flat to fab in seconds (and pennies!).

2.) Keep your fabrics in mind. When you’re in a rush, ironing is a no! There’s nothing worse than getting halfway to work and wondering if you unplugged the iron. Not to mention, it’s time consuming and bulky! When selecting your wardrobe, try and find pieces that are a blend. Blends with spandex, rayon and acrylic are great bets for busy mornings. They’re perfectly wrinkle resistant and make very flattering dresses!

Coral Bracelet - $2.98

Coral Bracelet – $2.98

Cuff Bracelet - $2.98

Cuff Bracelet – $2.98

3.) Effortless accessories. I have a few go-to pieces that take a plain outfit from drab to fab in seconds. First, a bold pashmina scarf is my number one fast and affordable add-on. They usually only range from $2 – $5 at Goodwill and their versatility in wear makes them perfect for dressing in a dash. You can wrap them around your shoulders for an subtle elegance or go for the classic neck wrap for a chic, boho look. Second, a watch can take your look from rushed to polished instantly. There’s something about a watch that gives a professional finish even on the quickest of outfits! Last, statement earrings, bracelets and necklaces can take your basics to new levels with the flip of clasp. Most necklaces are under $5 at Goodwill so finding an affordable statement necklace is a breeze.

4.) Fashion-mergency preparedness. All the items I named above – they should be kept in what I like to call my fashion-mergency preparedness kit. I take a tote bag, pack some statement earrings, necklaces, scarves, and flats (can’t forget a comfy shoe!) and throw it in my trunk. Once a season, I’ll switch it out to ensure I’m on track with the weather and trends. Boom! No matter how busy your morning gets, you’ll have everything you need on the go, right in your car. If you are just “missing” something, just pop the trunk and grab something! It’s like a Fashionista Barney bag!

Stay tuned! Next Monday, I’ll be sharing my favorite beauty tips for the busy gals out there! Fashion is only half of the morning battle, right? Keeping that bed head under wraps and those dark circles hidden is no easy task. You’ll want to hear my tips for looking fresh in flash! 

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