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Protect your wardrobe from winter!

If it’s not snowing, it’s sleeting. If it’s not sleeting, it’s raining. This winter has been rough on us here in the DC area. If we’re not emotionally downtrodden yet (the minute the sun comes out, I practically run outdoors!), our wardrobe is starting to feel the effects of this harsh winter. Snow melts, but […]

Boots in the snow

Bundle up—and show your scarves who’s boss

Here’s a timely question from the mailbag: “How do you stop a wool-type scarf from shedding all over your coat?” Oh, boy, it’s that time of year again. You’ve pulled out all your winter gear and realized that some of your favorite cold-weather accessories also leave major messes on your clothing. Luckily, there are a […]

infinity scarf

Guest Blogger: The Takeover of Leather

Now that fall is officially here your wardrobe has probably changed a bit. I love fall fashion for so many reasons. The fall like colors that take over and all the layers you get to pile on make fall a fun season to play around with various looks. Leather Lover by frankyj featuring a clutch […]


Candy cape

Are you ready to break the mold for outerwear this season? This cape (place a bid here!) will have you ready to battle the cold temps in style. Signature by Harve Benard is the American brand behind this cape, a size medium. It’s 100 percent wool, so it’ll keep you toasty from head to almost-toes. […]

Pink cape

The seasonal wardrobe switch: When’s the right time?

In the past few weeks, I’ve picked up a few new pieces for summer (you saw a few of them in my last video!), and I’ve also come home with a few winter and year-round pieces. The shopping hasn’t been too out of hand, but my closet is suffering. It’s definitely time to start thinking […]


Tis the season for…shorts?

Since when did shorts become a year-round wardrobe staple? It’s not a question I ask incredulously, as I’ve been known to wear shorts with tights underneath for evening jaunts around town. But I do wonder why we’re so willing to wear shorts in colder months—and whether it’s wise. From a practical standpoint, I love shorts […]

Lacey Perspective

Okay, You Can Wear Your Scarf Now

The mercury finally dipped below freezing last night in the capital city, and even the DCGF had to bust out the all-weather, fleece-lined jacket this morning. It’s cold, kids! And intrepid blog reader (and commenter, I might add) Cortney asked me last week about the best way to wear cold weather accessories like hats, scarves, […]


Save the Scarf for Later

The temps dipped into the 40s here in Washington, DC, this week, which meant only one thing: half the city was dressed like extras from a local production of Dr. Zhivago. Although daytime highs still reached well into the 70s, the DCGF witnessed no end of scarves, gloves, hats, and wool coats on hapless commuters. […]