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Edited for Goodwill Summer Trunk Show Recap

Fashionistas, I cannot believe it is already over. This year’s Summer Trunk Show at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery came and went before I even knew it – mainly because it was extraordinarily fun and a 100% success. Last Wednesday through Friday DC Goodwill celebrated another trunk show. Filled with gems galore, the event was […]

2016 Memories: Goodwill Trunk Show

Guest Blogger(s): Recap from The Fashion of Goodwill Runway Show 2014

Today’s post is dedicated to my fellow bloggers who were able to come out and enjoy The Fashion of Goodwill this year! I’m takin’ the backseat and letting these social media queens take the reigns. Here’s what they had to say… The Pop Up Shop: N’jeri, a style assistant with DC Style Factory, shared “From […]

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When does a shoe become “ugly?”

“Ugly” shoes are all the rage. J.Crew has Birkinstocks all over their catalog, Racked thinks Tevas look modern, and we’ve all seen the monstrosities that have been traipsing down the runways lately. It’s gone past bloggers and tastemakers to the general public: ugly shoes are okay. Practical shoes are okay. Having ugly shoes doesn’t mean […]


Fashionista Friday: Alison

I recently sent a little love Alison’s way when I declared her fashion and style blog, Wardrobe Oxygen, to be at the top of my “required reading” list. But her recent acquisition at The Art of Fashion puts her at the top of the Fashionista candidates pile, too! Alison discovered his boxy, sequined jacket at […]

Alison Gary in sequined jacket

Link Love: The Art of Fashion

  The reviews are in! Our friends in the blogger community enjoyed last week’s Fashion of Goodwill Runway Show & Gala: The Art of Fashion. Read (click on the photos) about their experience on their blogs and while you’re there I highly recommend bookmarking them on your list of blogs to read! Luri & Wilma […]


Required Reading: Wardrobe Oxygen

Alison Gary is no stranger to this blog. (Last winter, she shared her favorite thifted finds in a guest-blog post!) If you haven’t bookmarked her long-running fashion blog, Wardrobe Oxygen, you’re way overdue. It’s one of the few blogs I find myself clicking onto on the regular, even when the topic doesn’t relate to my […]

alison gary

Guest Blogger: Quality vs. Quantity

On my blog, I constantly preach about purchasing quality instead of quantity. There’s no point in purchasing an item if it’s not made well and works with your existing wardrobe. Many readers contact me stating that they can’t afford quality. The thing is, quality can be found at any pricepoint, and I regularly encourage my […]

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