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Viktor and Rolf


The Best Of The Rest

Well, dear readers, you saw my take on New York Fashion Week a few weeks back. It was okay, but nothing really inspired me to rethink my fashion paradigm, you know? Likewise, I paid only tangential attention (try saying that three times fast!) to London, Milan, and Paris ’cause I had a little thing called […]

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The Fashion of Goodwill: Runway to Retail

Tomorrow, tomorrow I love ya, tomorrow You’re only a day away… Yes, dear readers, in a little over twenty-four hours yours truly will be setting up for the Fashion of Goodwill Runway Show and Silent Auction at the French Embassy in D.C. Phew! How the time has flown. That just leaves us one more chance […]


Home Sweet Designer-Clad Home

I have admit a certain pang of jealousy when I discovered that my friend in college (who had the cool dorm room with the built in kitchenette) had replaced all of his standard-issue white sheets with Calvin Klein bedding. Being the home furnishings novice that I was – I believe She-Ra sheets had still been […]


J’mappelle Fashionista

Well, dear readers, we’ve almost come to the end of the marathon sprint (I know it’s an oxymoron, but just go with me on this) that is the major fashion weeks: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. We end in the city of lights, which, ironically, showed the darkest collections of any city this season. […]


And now…A "Very Special" Blog

Today, dear readers, please join me in celebrating the 100th posting to the DC Goodwill Fashion Blog! I know, I know – kids, they grow up so fast. And in the great tradition of television shows’ 100th episodes, I present today a “Very Special” blog wherein the DCGF learns a valuable lesson about herself and […]