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Valentine’s Day


Fashionista Friday: Dana’s Betsey Johnson Lovely Leopard Haul

Lately, I’ve been showcasing some Fashionista Fridays from across the country, but this week I want to bring us back to the DC area and showcase one of our very own Goodwill mavens: Dana! Today’s Fashionista Friday is a local fashion lover who puts looks together that mix Goodwill and non-Goodwill items to create pretty […]

betsy johnson

Madewell Wool Monotone Shift Dress

Thinking back to over a year ago, one of my very first posts as The DCGF outlined a brief guide to Madewell’s clothing tags. Back then I was just learning about the brand and falling in love with it for the first time. Fast forward to today. I’m still in love with the label! They […]

Madewell Wool Monotone Shift Dress

A Few Other 2016 V-Day Looks for the Day and Night

So yesterday, I posted a look that I’ll most likely wear on the day of love, but I have a few other ideas that I think you should try. After perusing other blogs, I stumbled across these edgy, and or classic looks that I think anyone will be able to put their very own Goodwill glam […]

leather black skirt

What I’ll Wear on Valentine’s Day

February is full of events and holidays, such as the ever-so-romantic Valentine’s Day. Although many believe this to be just one of those typical Hallmark holidays, it is good spirited, and it can be fun to get dressed up to celebrate love – whether it’s for a partner, friend, child or parent. To me I […]

Goodwill Valentine's Outfit

Guest Blogger: Does it Matter What I Wear On Valentines Day?

Big plans for Valentine’s Day?  You have probably (or hopefully) put some time and thought into what you’re doing and where you’re going.  But make sure you put the same care into your preparations on what to wear. Securing your date for the evening and making a reservation isn’t enough for this or any other […]


Guest Blogger: 5 last minute Goodwill gift ideas for your boy

If you’ve got a boo and are celebrating Lover’s Day, don’t fret if you haven’t yet gotten his gift-able goodies. Below are five last minute presents you can find at DC Goodwill. For the musical man: If you’ve got a boy that’s more than just a friend, give him the sound of music. At almost […]


Find frugal Valentine fun at Goodwill

Okay, guys and gals. Have you figured out how to wow your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? If you’re still working on your strategy, here are a few easy DIYs that DC Goodwill can help you create!   All you need to make Valentine’s tea cups and saucers is a Sharpie marker! Pen N’ Paperflowers has some […]

Pen n' Paperflowers  Sharpie DIY

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Goodwill deals on gifts and decor

Cupid’s back again? That guy just won’t quit. Is your wallet feeling the squeeze as you see nothing but hearts right and left? Step away from the shopping mall, dear reader. Let’s go to Goodwill and celebrate love for less. Whether you’re decorating or looking for a little something for your sweetheart, Goodwill can help. […]


Who’s your valentine?

Whether or not Valentine’s Day is your most favorite day of the year, or your most dreaded, we can all probably agree on one thing: it can get expensive pretty quickly. I enjoy picking up cards and gifts for valentines near and far, but attempts at frugality can get in the way of generosity. But […]