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Is Michael Kors No Longer Cool?

Michael Kors, dear readers, is a brand I see at Goodwill stores all of the time…..clothes, the occasional handbag, accessories….I’ve seen almost every type of his products. However, despite the excitement around the brand in most recent years, I’ve never been a fan. I like the occasional handbag here and there, but overall, I have […]

Michael Kors ad, Credit: Glamorous Luxury Passion Blog

Round Sunnies – A Summer Staple

I’ll just say it up front, dear readers, I’m hooked on circular sunnies. And I will admit, sometimes they can be a little out there and showy, but I can’t stop buying oodles and oodles of pairs this season. In some of my pictures, you might have noticed that the sunglasses I usually wear are […]

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Have Belly Shirts Made a Comeback?

Dear readers, belly shirts and crop tops are making a serious comeback and I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m really on the fence. Part of me says “Oh no,” but part of me says, “Oh. heck yes!” The reason why I say no, is based on some recent experiences. Lately, while walking […]


A Spring Topper

I am constantly looking for ways to continually evolve my style, dear readers. I love the idea that style is ever-changing; it’s lively, accompanying me where ever life decides to take me. When spring hits, I always find new and revived focus on my personal style. A lot of the time, that revival rises from […]


Must have print for spring? Gingham!

Made famous by the lovely Judy Garland in the 1939 premier of The Wizard of Oz, gingham has been in an out of fashion ever since. Not to be confused with plaid, gingham is a plain-woven cotton commonly appearing as white checked with a bold color. In the most popular of combinations, we see blue […]


Panatone’s Marsala holds promise

“A naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls” declares Panatone on their choice of Marsala as the color of 2015. A bit subdued, one could say, in comparison to last year’s Radiant Orchid and 2013’s Emerald. But with that, I think this will be a fabulous color to incorporate into […]


Flannel for every occasion

My winter style rut is awfully terrible this year, dear readers. I’ve stocked up on the spring issues of all my favorite fashion mags and have been trying to make a concerted effort to stray from my go-to black, brown and the occasional grey get-ups for work but, it is no easy task. My weekend […]


Winter Florals

In an effort to push through the style rut that I somehow always end up in once the temperatures hit below freezing, I’ve been dipping through my fashion mags and Pinterest boards to try and spice up my cold weather style. After a weekend spent in the Big Apple aka fashion capital of the US, […]


The chunky oxford

The chunky heel made it way back on to the fashion scene through last year as did a sleek oxford style. I’m giving a prediction that the two will merge into a hybrid offspring that is utterly and completely chic for feminine footwear this winter. These two styles are fantastic due to the fact they […]


Not your average sequins

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I knew today would be the perfect time to have a little chat about how you can splash your holiday looks with some glitz and glamour in not-so-average ways. Sequins are a staple for holiday wardrobes but I’ve noticed a trend in how this sparkle is being worn; it’s […]

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