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3 Spring Fashion Trends to Look for at Goodwill

Fashionistas, as you might know, I LOVE marching to the beat of my own fashion drum. In between making my own trends and rocking all vintage, I sometimes find it hard to keep up with fashion fads because I know they can be fleeting. This year, however, I’m really feeling the spring 2018 Fashion Week […]


Is it Okay to Wear White After Labor Day?

Fashionistas, yesterday at work a group of us started to discuss one of fashion’s oldest rules: one cannot wear white after Labor Day. We pondered this rule for a good 15-20 minutes or so, wondering where this seemingly arbitrary rule originated and why it was so commonly known. We wondered, “why is one’s fashion color […]


2016 Questionable Trend: Old English Sleeves

Okay, I admit it fashionistas. I am SO tired of this cold weather looming in the DC area, and am more than ready for spring to save the day. I’m already noting styles and trends I want to experiment with this upcoming season, but during my research I came across this one that I definitely […]

old english sleeves

3 Other Winter Date Night Looks

I just entered  the dating scene again and I’ll admit I’m having a hard time thinking of sophisticated and interesting outfits that keep me warm and cozy during 30 degree days. So when I came across this article, How to Dress for Date Night During the Winter, in the Washingtonian I was inspired and compelled […]

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Snow Style: My Four Favorite Gloves

  When it’s this cold outside, my hands get cold incredibly easily and I need a good pair of cute and stylish gloves to keep my fingers warm. While I do have a couple of pairs of gloves, I’m always trying to grow my collection because I do lose them easily and they become mismatched. […]

PicMonkey Collagegloves

Thinking Ahead to Spring: The Color Orange

I hear that a lot of snow will be gracing the DC area on Friday and Saturday and while I don’t mind snow, I prefer warmer weather. My favorite seasons are fall and spring, so spring is definitely on my mind since it is the next season coming up. Lately on the blog, I feel […]

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Santa has a Sense of Style

When everyone thinks of good ol’ Santa Claus, we imagine a big man wearing a red jacket trimmed with white fuzz, a big white beard, a black buckle belt, and a comfy large hat. This holiday, a Canadian model is pushing the boundaries of Santa’s style and making him a suave, compelling fashion icon (he’s […]

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Glitter Hair Roots: The Newest Terrible Hair Trend

Fashionistas, I know this isn’t a beauty blog but I had to write about this new hair trend that I think is honestly…..just plain stupid. When surfing the web last week, I came across this new trend among younger adults: glitter roots. What is that you ask? It’s when girls put glitter gel (is it […]

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DC Fashion Week vs. New York Fashion Week

Unlike previous years, this year, I actually took the time to read up on some of the latest and most important fashion, particularly, New York Fashion Week. I never really cared (and still don’t), to keep up to speed on this kind of stuff because I’m not a big trend follower. Rather, I like to […]

Other fav looks

The Highs and Lows of Fashion at the VMAs

Ever since I was a kid, I always watched the VMAs from MTV. The celebrity antics were addictive to watch, the music was seemingly amazing, and the fashion was shocking. Although I did not tune into the program this year, I did get the chance to flip through endless photos of celebrity outfits. I want […]

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