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Back-to-School Centreville, VA Meetup Recap

Fashionistas, in lieu of the new school year just around the corner, fellow Goodwill Champion, Danielle of Perfectly Good, and I hosted a Back- to-School themed Meetup at the brand new Centerville, VA store this past Saturday. As always, this event was one of my major fun highlights of the month. Like our previous July event in Alexandria, […]

Back-to-School Centreville, VA Meetup Recap

The DCGF Goes to Philly!

Like I mentioned in my post a few Mondays ago, one big New Year’s resolution I have for 2017 is to travel more around the country to gain new experiences and visit friends. In addition to my traveling resolution, one goal of mine is to stop by Goodwill stores in every state I visit. Each […]

The DCGF Goes to Philly! Retrospective Vintage Store

Guest blogger: Chic and cheap spring break essentials

If you have a lavish spring break planned or are currently taking one, all of us stuck in the DMV are beyond envious right now. We’ve had a long, brutal winter and that has left one thing on my mind: warmer weather. I wish I could say I have an extravagant trip planned to a […]

Flirty tops from Goodwill

Does the Fashionista have a fairy godmother?

Last weekend’s travels included a brief stop in Pittsburgh, where Mr. Fashionista spotted an antiques store from a block away and declared that we’d be visiting. We examined many fine goods and picked up a few pieces of glassware that were in our budget. But much more exciting was a slim, tattered book I found […]


Goodwill Field Trip: Horizon Goodwill

A few weeks ago, I visited Western Maryland on a family ski trip. Since my winter recreational activities are usually in the “fireside” category, I didn’t hit the slopes—but I did shop until I dropped. I tied up my snow boots and drove to Horizon Goodwill’s Oakland, Maryland location. It was a thrifty good time […]


Seven days, one bag: Packing for a long trip without sacrificing style

Readers, I’m on a business trip this week, dealing with matters that sadly have little to do with fashion. I was excited about the trip, the longest I’ve taken for work (five days of work and two extra days of sightseeing), at first. Then I was nervous: I had to fit seven days of clothing […]

Packing evening gowns in a suitcase

What’s in your summer getaway bag?

If you listen closely, you’ll hear your cubemates scrambling through their workloads like busy bees. The long weekend is coming, people! How are you going to make the most out of yours? Now that summer is (almost) officially upon us we can get excited about sneaking off for a few weekends and maybe taking advantage […]