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My Favorite Thing(s) (From Goodwill): J. Crew Tees

If you caught my post earlier this summer about J. Crew chino shorts you know that this brand is one of my personal favorites. J. Crew says “WE SIDE WITH STYLE OVER FASHION, think timelessness is underrated and find that clothes look best when they’re lived in.” I love this motto because it aligns perfectly with one of my favorite […]

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A picnic in the park?

Here’s another Good Buy from my own closet! J.Crew makes the “perfect shirt” and this is definitely a contender. It’s 100 percent cotton! It’s a casual shirt that you can still wear under a blazer! You can roll up the sleeves! It looks like a picnic tablecloth! Okay, that last part was really just a […]

J.Crew shirt Goodwill Good Buy of the Week

Best of Guest Blogger: What Does Your Professional Image Say About You?

Imagine this: all eyes on you as you are about to give a major presentation, or how about all eyes on you as you walk into a professional networking social or important meeting? Would you like those eyes to think “WOW!!! How sharp, professional, confident, and polished this person is!” Or will they be thinking […]

lauren: before and after

Out with the old—say hello to 2014 with Goodwill!

The end of the year is here, and means one thing for sure: long lines at Goodwill as frugal enthusiasts prepare to drop off their year-end donations! If you’re making room in your closet for new sweaters and jackets you received as gifts, then get ready to donate your pre-loved duds to Goodwill. Here are […]

Goodwill Falls Church store

Guest Blogger: Arm Swag

I take my jewelry cues from Mr. T. and clothing isn’t the only thing I’ll be layering this season. You see, I have a mild obsession with what I call “arm swag.” As the name implies, it’s a party on your arm. Sparked by my growing collection of bracelets, I noticed that I loved them […]

arm swag

A Goodwill blazer, two ways

I picked up a blazer during my last trip to Goodwill that is somewhere between slate and navy on the color scale. The tag had been removed, so I wasn’t sure where the piece originated, but I knew a couple of things: the color was awesome, the fit was great, and the fabric felt so […]

Goodwill blazer two ways

Guest Blogger: The Dinner Jacket

To truly stand out at your festive holiday events, consider the dinner jacket. When you hear the words dinner jacket, what images come to mind? To me, the dinner jacket captures the essence of a more romantic era of 1930’s Hollywood. In the golden film era the dinner jacket  became synonymous with elegance, confidence and […]

houndstooth tux

Give old leather a new look

Dyeing clothing is old news, but you might not know that you can dye leather goods, too. I’m finally catching on to this DIY thanks to a how-to from Goodwill of Central Indiana’s Good Stuff blog. You can give your leather a whole new look for just about $10! Goodwill tested the technique on an […]

Dye a leather purse

Guest Blogger: Find your holiday style at Goodwill

My guilty holiday pleasure doesn’t come in the form of sugary sweets or classic cocktails; it comes in silk, sparkles and stilettos. As the leaves begin to fall and cool, crisp air moves in, there is only one thing on my mind: what shall I wear to all the holiday affairs? I absolutely love holiday […]

Holiday dresses from Goodwill

My favorite Goodwill gifts

Gift-giving season is here yet again! It’s my duty to remind you of all the fabulous gifts you can find at your local Goodwill store—no one will be the wiser when you see these fun and functional items under the tree. You can find… Sweet outfits and books for the little ones in your life… […]

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