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5 Under $5: An Array of Necklaces

Fashionistas, not only can you find pairs of earrings for under $5 at Goodwill but you can also score some pretty gnarly necklaces too! Over the past year, I’ve gotten my hands on some stellar gems! My Goodwill necklace collection varies by decade, style, and cut which can be found at your local DC Goodwill at […]

5 under 5 Necklaces

Tuxedo Black Silk and Animal Print Luxury

Black and animal print is a combination that never fails. This style pairing always withstands the test of time and is a classic look that will always remain classy and sassy. Whether it’s summer or fall, animal print and black is a go-to styling option. For today’s look, I’ve paired this black, silk, tuxedo-style dress […]

Tuxedo Black Silk and Animal Print Luxury

Fierce in Cheetah Zip-Up Lucy Workout Gear

Fashionistas, as you’ve heard countless times, I’m on a fitness kick filled with runs, cardio, and weight lifting. While I engage in physical activities, I still like to look cute and snazzy. So, when I saw this jacket at Goodwill, I picked it up immediately. I wanted to wear it for a 5-mile run that […]

Fierce in Cheetah Zip-Up Lucy Workout Gear

Halloweekend 2016 DIY Costume – Grace Jones

As a follow up to my previous Halloween post, fashionistas, I finally decided who I wanted to be for Halloween and I rocked my DIY costume this past weekend! Goodwill, as usual, had my back and assisted me in composing my quick but posh costume for pennies on the dollar. Of my two options, I […]

The DCGF as Grace Jones: Halloween 2016

Fashionista Friday: DC Celine’s Alison Does it Again, Vintage Style!

One of DC Goodwill’s very good blogger friends, Alison of DC Celine, attended this year’s Goodwill Pop-Up and scored some contemporary and vintage gems to mix into her everyday wear. While pursuing her Instagram, I was excited to spot one of her purchases flawlessly integrated into a fabulous modern and fashion-forward everyday work outfit. One […]

Fashionista Friday: DC Celine's Vintage Blouse

Metallic Pattern Mix Anthropologie Tibi Shift Dress

I wish this #MyGoodwillFind fit me, fashionistas! Tibi is one of my favorite dress brands of all time! Luckily, since I can’t take it home, you’ll have the chance to do so! Buy It Now Today’s gem is a size 6 (small/medium), cotton polyester blend, classic designer Tibi shift dress ornamented with a metallic black […]

tibi metallic dress

The DCGF Has Moved to DC!

Fashionistas, I was born and raised in the DC area, but I’ve always lived on the outskirts of the city. I grew up in Bethesda, went to school in DC, then moved right back to Bethesda after I graduated from grad school. Bethesda was my home; I knew it like the back of my hand […]

DCGF moved