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The Cut


The normcore snore

Just when the millennial woman is just figuring out her personal style, normcore has come along to squash it. The concept of normcore is still so fuzzy to me that I keep reading New York Magazine‘s long, detailed piece on it. For all the rereading and studying and Instagram-flipping I’ve done, the best answer seems […]

Photoshoot group

A comfortable clutch—why didn’t I think of that?

Ever see something on the rack at your favorite store and think, “I wish I had designed that. Why didn’t I think of that?” One of those moments hit me like a very fashionable brick. My main squeeze The Cut slipped this little gem into the end of yesterday’s schedule: a designer clutch like I […]

Narciso Rodriguez boomerang clutch

Clutch criticism

New York Magazine’s The Cut is one of my very favorite places to get up-to-the-minute fashion news (with a good dose of gossip). But a recent slideshow made me crabby. The super-blog declared over-sized portfolio clutches as “the bag of the season,” noting that candidates in the category must “be strapless and the size of […]

The Cut Portfolio slideshow