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Steve Madden


Boots with options

While I was poking around our local Goodwill stores for #Back2School scores, these boots jumped out as a must-have for September style. A size 9, these Madden Girl boots would normally retail for $60 or more. I was drawn in by the southwestern-print lining, but a closer look revealed more to love about these flat […]

Madden Girl boots

Guest Blogger: Recent Goodwill Additions

Hello, DC Goodwill Fashionista readers!  As a follower of this blog and a lover of anything vintage, coming up with a post topic for you all was surprisingly a little difficult. Maybe it is my indecisiveness or just overload of ideas in my head. I have decided to show you some of my latest finds […]


Boot up for fall

Although I used to be completely and wholly against booties, I’m starting to come around. I’ve noticed that short boots and other shoes often lumped under the “booties” title—including tie-up oxfords—can be versatile and attractive. Since my conversion, I snapped at the chance to offer you these little boots. They’re by Steve Madden and the […]

Steve Madden booties

A Hint of Things to Come

I’ve realized that THE color for spring really isn’t a color at all.  It’s “nude,” and not just in a traditional beige (shudder) sense, but in a whole rainbow of skintone-matching hues.  This week’s Goodwill Good Buy is for people like me, who are of the quite pale persuasion (we’ll feature more shades in the […]


Fall Basics 2010

I’m mourning the imminent end of summer.  Unlike many, I adore hot weather, and I don’t even mind humidity.  I should move to Miami, or even closer to the equator.  Maybe Costa Rica.  Anyway, summer is going to end shortly, and the only positive spin I can put on it is that I get to […]


Pop Life

I’ll use any excuse to post a Prince video. Prince doesn’t really have anything to do with this particular trend, very bright multi-colored shoes, except that they provide a POP of color.  I.e., Pop Life.  But I love The Purple One.  Yes I do. These Versace shoes really got me going.  They elicited the usual […]


Gimme a Wedgie

I sure didn’t want one in middle school, that’s for sure.  But now?  Please!!!  I’m talking about shoes, of course.    Wedges are my FAVE summer go-to shoe.  As a shorty, I am always looking to increase my stature by any means possible.  And stilettos can get a bit painful, as I’m sure you’ve realized.  […]