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Stella McCartney


Caped Crusader

When you hear the word “cape,” you might think of Batman & Robin or Superman.  But Fall 2010’s trend is not inspired by a superhero.  Think more along the lines of fur stoles, beaded shrugs, and sophisticated wool toppers that are anything but cartoonish.  The cape is one of the hottest silhouettes this fall, in any number […]


Guest Blogger: Green Your Summer Style

In the summertime, thoughts of water and fashion conjure up images of the beach and latest swimwear. Water, however, can take on a very different meaning when we consider water and clothing production. The fashion industry has a huge impact on the world’s water supply, particularly in cotton production which makes up 40% of world […]


Jump Ball, Get It Get It!

My love affair with jumpsuits started as a budding young girl with the movie Grease. I wanted to be the “bad” Olivia Newton John with the black, shiny, skin-tight catsuit, teased hair, heavy makeup, smoking cigarettes and causing a commotion. Here we have Fergie copycatting her, and I can see why… In the 80’s, a […]


Guest Blogger: Game. Set. Match.

On a happy spring Saturday I was browsing the racks of my local Goodwill when I saw it. A rack of the cutest tops I’d ever seen. Long and cut on the A-line, they were white and pastel, with banded borders. “Aren’t they precious?” asked a passing store worker. “Those are actually vintage 1960s tennis […]


A Hu’s Who Of Fashion

The DCGF is not much of a party animal, I must confess. I prefer a lapful of fashion magazine and the Times’ Style section to an actual event most nights. So it takes something really special to drag me out of my cozy apartment on a rainy evening and yesterday’s grand openening fete at Hu’s […]


A Serving Of Veggies

I was thinking the other day about the first vegan I ever knew. She was in my literature class in college and I remember two things: she ate hummus at every gathering and she wore the most horrible-looking vegan shoes I’d ever seen. I love me some hummus, but those shoes had to go. Surely […]


Everybody In The Pool!

Happy Memorial Day! It’s that time of year when summer’s on our minds (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and we’re trying to figure out how to wear less with even more style. And what better way to do that than with a fabulous swimsuit? For those who know me well, I might seem like […]


Blog the Blogger: The Spaztastic Adventures of a DC Fashionate

Kiki’s been at this whole blogging thing longer than the DCGF, and her blog – The Spaztastic Adventures of a DC Fashionate – is funny because it’s true. Recently, she tried to forgo shoe shopping in order to save up for a laptop. And then a posting titled only “Failure” expressed how so many of […]


What Knot To Wear

I took up knitting this weekend, dear readers. For real. Stop laughing. I really did. My friend Kelly’s been trying to get me interested for awhile. She’s all talented and whatnot, making socks for her daughter and stitching up a storm of gorgeous scarves and shawls. So I acquiesced and agreed to join her Knotty […]


In With the Old; Out With the New

Yes, dear readers, you read that title correctly. By now I’m sure you’ve read and contemplated the blog or two that I posted regarding the recent stylistic trends that need to take a hike. Let’s leave all that negativity in the past, shall we? I propose beginning 2008 with a list of my predictions for […]

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