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Crocs are Cool Again?! (And Other Strange 2017 Fall Trends)

Fashionistas, I recently stumbled upon a Washington Post article talking about how Crocs are making a huge comeback. I then discovered some other strange fall trends coming out this season as well. Crocs Crocs apparently have started appearing on high-end designer runways and on the mean streets of New York. The Washington Post piece noted […]


Missoni Tangerine Stripes

It’s Missoni, baby! That’s right. Today’s #MyGoodwillFind is a GORGEGOUS designer Missoni. I spotted this divine beauty hanging out the the Gaithersburg Goodwill racks and instantly knew I had to share it with my fellow fashionistas. A top like this originally retails for over $200 because Missoni is a high end Italian couture label that has […]

PicMonkey Collagemissoni

The Evolution of Chunky Sandals

For the past couple of years or more, chunky sandals have been all the rage, and this season is no exception. It seems every year, this style continuously evolves, becoming more loud and futuristic. Designers are experimenting with textures and materials so much that each style I see is another sculptural wearable experience. Despite the […]

Chunky sandles

2016 Questionable Trend: Old English Sleeves

Okay, I admit it fashionistas. I am SO tired of this cold weather looming in the DC area, and am more than ready for spring to save the day. I’m already noting styles and trends I want to experiment with this upcoming season, but during my research I came across this one that I definitely […]

old english sleeves

The First Worst Trend of 2016: Pajamas?

I can’t believe it fashionistas! There’s ALREADY a trend that I severely dislike in 2016 and I hope it doesn’t hit the DC streets. Let’s hope that it stays on the catwalk and only the catwalk. So what is this trend that I already despise? Pajamas as regular clothing. That’s right. Pajamas are being transformed […]

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.07.03 PM

Trends That Need to Die in 2016

2015 was a year of great fashion trends….and some blunders as well. While I’m pretty accepting of most trends, there are some that just need to cease existence in 2016. Before I get to the negatives, I loved peplum and lace this year. I was also ALL ABOUT the comeback of *most* 90’s throwbacks. My […]


Great for Slippers, Not for the Streets: Furry Shoes

A few days ago, I was looking up 2015 trends to get ideas for the blog and I came across an article by Elle with some great new looks to try….and some trends that were dreadful. Absolutely awful. One of them is an emerging new type of footwear that reminds me of your favorite Stars Wars character’s […]

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.11.08 PM

DC Fashion Week vs. New York Fashion Week

Unlike previous years, this year, I actually took the time to read up on some of the latest and most important fashion, particularly, New York Fashion Week. I never really cared (and still don’t), to keep up to speed on this kind of stuff because I’m not a big trend follower. Rather, I like to […]

Other fav looks

Fashion Faux Pas: Socks with Sandals

Dearest readers, as much as I love sandals and wearing them all of the time, I know that I’ll have to retire them as the cooler seasons make their way to the DC area. In my opinion, sandals are the shoes for spring and summer. They’re breezy, usually comfortable, and allow your feet to breathe. […]


Guest Blogger: NYFW Spring trends from the runways

While I definitely don’t have it my budget to shop the actual designers I drooled over from the spring 2014 NYFW shows, I am taking their lines and using them as inspiration for my spring wardrobe. Here are a few trends I am definitely investing in, and a couple that I will be steering far […]

Spring trend favorites: pastels
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