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Old Silver Trays Serve Up New Purpose as Chalkboards

Silver serving trays have become a thing of the past as many of us prefer to entertain less formally these days. However, these classic pieces now have a new role: one-of-a-kind chalkboards! Dust off that old heirloom and give it new life. These whimsical chalkboards are a welcoming, friendly way to greet visitors, leave messages […]

Old Silver Trays Serve Up New Purpose as Chalk Boards

DCGF Q & A: Push through the “noise” in your closet

With Earth Day just around the corner, I’m thinking a lot about repurposing and recycling—naturally, in my closet. I got in touch with Kaarin Vembar, stylist-in-chief at Closet Caucus, to find out how she helps her clients clean up their closets without tossing more trash in our landfills. She’s got tons of tips you can […]

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An Edited for Goodwill DIY: Pretty magnet board

Carey wrote in last week to share the repurposing project she did on a plain wooden board she got at Edited for Goodwill. I love how she took a plain piece (what was that board’s original purpose, anyway?), and turned it into a pretty magnet board that’s very functional. Here’s how she transformed this boring […]

Boring Board to Pretty Magnet Board