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Designer on a Dime: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Part 2

Fashionistas, as I mentioned in my Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent posts back in October, I hit the ultimate vintage and modern designer jackpot at one of the Maryland Goodwill stores, which still continues to bare me fruit! Even though few months have passed, I still cannot believe what I found! I still think back and fantasize […]

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent

Designer on a Dime: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent

Fashionistas, as I mentioned in my Chanel post last Monday, I hit the ultimate vintage and modern designer jackpot at one of the Maryland Goodwill stores. Even weeks later, I still can’t believe what I found! I still dream about the moment when I first found my gems on a new rack of items hitting […]

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It’s Chanel, Baby!

Fashionistas, a few Fridays ago, I hit the ultimate vintage and modern designer jackpot at Goodwill. To be honest, I still can’t believe what I found! The haul I scored was one of the best ones I’ve ever gotten. To look back at the success and share my finds with you, I’m doing a multi-post series […]

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5 Under $5: Parisian Outfit

Fashionistas, I was feeling a bit Parisian last Monday and put together these 5 items under $5 for a classic summer meets fall classy Goodwill look. When I think Paris I think of sassy, sophisticated, red meets black and white stripes – so those are the facets I focused on for this look. 1.) Striped […]

5 Under $5: Parisian Outfit

Pleated Parisian Perfection Calvin Klein Skirt

Every fashionable lady needs some faux leather in her wardrobe…..why not let it be a faux leather skirt? It’s easy to wear, easy to take care of, and easy to score! You can spot a lot of them at your local Goodwill. In fact, I spotted today’s My Goodwill Find very recently! Buy It Now […]


Balmain X H&M: Too Much Hype?

As y’all might’ve seen fashionistas, last week H&M debuted its collaboration with the almighty designer fashion brand Balmain. Balmain was founded in France by Pierre Balmain, a fashion and style genius. Throughout the decades, his lines have kept it sophisticated and uber classy. Not only does he have a women’s line, but also designs menswear […]

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Haute Couture Week 2014 styles to watch

Dear readers, I know we’re only approaching the middle of summer but fall/winter collections are already hitting the runways, awaiting our opinions! So, here I am today with the note-worthy trends of the Fall/Winter collection releases of Paris Haute Couture Week. While most of us won’t be snagging anything fresh off the runway, I still […]


Dress double-take

What if your favorite dress was really two favorite dresses? Hussein Chalayan is trying to design just that. When I was a little girl, I remember shopping for prom dresses with my big sister. One of the top contenders was a peachy-pink strapless number with a big ball-gown skirt. But wait—there’s more. With a flick […]

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Guest Blogger: The Best Cities to Live in for Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping has become a huge phenomenon in the fashion world. Many trend-setters have realized that there are bargains to be had when visiting a thrift store, whilst the most skilled shoppers have mastered how to pick up a good-quality item of clothing for a fraction of the price on the high-street. Most thrift stores […]


Real-life fashion lessons from the Spring 2013 Couture shows

The Paris Couture shows are some of the most dazzling, jaw-dropping, and inspiring runway shows you’ll ever see—even if you’re just reviewing slideshows of the looks online. But let’s be realistic: the odds of you or I wiggling into any of these couture looks are pretty slim. A boatload of the couture looks aren’t exactly […]