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Guest Blogger: Secondhand Thrills!

Have you ever found yourself rummaging through your local thrift or consignment shop not necessarily knowing what you’re looking for, but know what you’re looking for???  LOL!  Well, I do that often.  There is nothing like the feeling of anticipating something great without knowing when or where you’ll find it!  Thrilling!  And suddenly, you see […]


Guest Blogger: Lago di Como

Ahh, Italy – land of pasta, hot men, and of course, fabulous fashion. Deacon was recently lucky enough to enjoy a journey to the famed Lago di Como (that’s Lake Como, ya’ll) to visit the area’s newest and only five-star lakefront resort, CastaDiva. And, while we were technically on assignment to review a resort and […]


Just Stating the Facts.

Ponchos – I thought they went out of style in 2004? So then what is this noise? I’m not really sure why these cropped Snuggies are making a comeback now. I don’t see them as an extension of the 80’s retro trend, or of any other trend of the moment at all. It seems like […]

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You May Go Now

It’s been a minute, dear readers, since the DC Goodwill Fashionista has put together a list of trends that must cease and desist. And there’s no time like the present! Although the summer of 2008 hasn’t exhibited the worst of the worst (cropped knit gauchos, anyone? no?) some styles simply have to go. Forthwith, my […]


Suits You Just Fine

I have to apologize, dear readers. I feel like I’ve been ignoring men’s fashion a bit lately, so today’s Goodwill Good Buy of the Week is just for the guys. You see, this time of year, there are so many festive frocks and sparkly shoes to gaze lovingly upon, it’s easy to forget that there […]