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Louis Vuitton


Winter DC Goodwill Shopping Bus Tour Recap

The third DC Goodwill Shopping Bus Tour hosted by Modage Style made it’s way through the DMV this weekend. Sadly, due to a personal issue, this was my first time not hopping aboard to shop alongside some the area’s most savvy fashionistas. No worries, though! I got full coverage of this holiday themed tour from […]


Fashion Forward: Fighting fakes

There are but few shopping experiences that end with that punched-in-the-gut feeling; that time you spent some cash on a high-end handbag that turned out to be fake counts as one of them. Some fakes are obvious, but others look similar to their big-ticket counterparts and conceal their flaws fairly well. This summer, the Council […]

CFDA bag

And Just Like That…It’s Au Revoir

Are you ready for spring?  I’m certainly not (hello boots and tights!), but it’s been a great romp down the runway the past few weeks, and the culmination of the Paris shows leaves this fashionista to believe that we have much to look forward to six months from now.  The big names came out to […]


Label Ho

Taking logo mania to the extreme. I saw this picture and just had to share. OMG! Louis Vuitton Car! by [the]tiMe thatYOU{danced}wiTH me featuring Louis Vuitton I have to admit, it’s kind of cute.  Not something that I would ever pay for, or take the time to do myself, but pink LV logos decorating the […]


The Breakup Bag

Ladies, you know the feeling.  Your heart is broken.  That special relationship has turned sour, and the realization that you must move on is starting to set in.  Maybe it was your decision, maybe it was his.  It almost doesn’t matter.  You now have a large hole in your heart, and you want to fill […]


Golden Globes Report

It’s always fun to see the most beautiful, popular people on earth (or, at least, in Hollywood) all dressed up in the most exquisite, priceless fashion available to man. My question to you is, what was your favorite dress? I’m certainly not going to include every single dress in this one blog post, but here […]


What the Heck is Resort Wear?

According to Wikipedia (granted, Wikipedia may not be THE authority on fashion, but they get pretty close here), Resort Wear is “known as ‘cruise wear’ … resort collections were worn only by ‘jet set’ celebrities who would purchase such garments while on vacation in warm-weather climates.” Good enough, and you get the idea. But […]


Guest Blogger: Bring on the Bling

I was walking along Madison Avenue during the Pre-Fall season, and I noticed the twinklings of a trend in the storefronts. Showcased in glimpses from Dior to Barneys was a hard silhouette that was hard not to notice: a subtly-fitted waist that sloped, darted, or folded into a nearly geometric hipline. Diamond Hips are upon […]


Mr. Popular

What’s the big deal about Marc Jacobs? It’s obvious he is a severely talented handbag designer, given the popularity of his iconic bags. The Stam bag has been a household name for a good long time and has been knocked off and reinvented in gazillions of colors and ramifications and then sold on street corners […]


Guest Blogger: Neon? Are You Serious??

Apparently, the answer is YES! It’s BAAAACK!! The first time I saw neon featured as a recycled/restyled fashion statement was at an 80’s party hosted by DeShawn Stevenson of the Washington Wizards. It was a theme party, so I really didn’t give it too much thought. Everyone was rocking neon headbands, neon Ray-Ban sunglasses, and […]

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