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Fashion Forward: The accident

Dear reader, I think it benefits all of us when I admit I’ve done something stupid. We can all learn from my fashion mistakes! A few weeks ago, I was shopping at Goodwill and showing off my finds to a certain employee who has a big hand in keeping this blog on its feet. She […]


Fashion Forward: Underarm dilemma

A reader recently approached me with a sensitive matter that can also be a pressing fashion issue: How does one get rid of unsightly perspiration stains on clothing?  It’s a battle that I’ve been fighting for years, dear reader, and my only clear solution has been this: Stop sweating. But that’s so much harder than […]


Guest Blogger: Shopping with an Open Mind

Shopping with an open mind at Goodwill is the ultimate way to shop. The word “Goodwill” resonates positive vibes and when shopping at a Goodwill, it always provides the opportunity for an adventure. I typically shop at a Goodwill about once a month. I’ve had my most successful ventures when I’ve purchased dresses with no […]


Goodwill Good Buy of the Week

Sun Dressing This week, we have a few sundresses for you to bid on in this sweltering heat.  What could be more comfortable in 98 degrees and 100% humidity?  DC summers… when you know for certain it was built on a swamp. First up is a smoky blue spaghetti strap dress by BCBG.  It’s a size […]

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