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I don’t often recycle posts, dear readers, but sometimes I revisit the archives and find something I just have to share again.  Can you believe the DCGF has been blogging for years almost four now?  Phew!  Time flies when you’re having fashion.  Anyway, I pulled this post from late 2008, but everything in it still […]

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Guest Blogger: Home Decor by Mr. Goodwill Hunting

It seems as if style for the home is forever changing. The truth is style is simply a recycling effect. Ever so often what was considered retro or even vintage will come to the forefront as popular and trendy again. When this happens you can be sure a majority of the population will jump on […]


Friday Furnishings: FYI – DIY, Plus The Goodwill Challenge, Part 3.8

Tomorrow, dear readers, will find your very own DC Goodwill Team at the Washington, DC Green Festival, a huge event featuring speakers, green businesses, and children and teen pavilions, the latter at which we’ll be stationed. And what, pray tell, is Goodwill doing to have for teens? Why a great activity wherein we transform t-shirts […]

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Here’s What It Is!

Ooh, it’s a really sweet vintage lamp, replete with old-timey wiring! All you need is a compact flourescent light bulb and you’re good to go. Did I mention this lamp only costs 5 bucks? Word. Goodwill’s fashion blog provides detailed knowledge and insight on vintage and contemporary clothing and accessories that are valuable to fashion […]