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Kenneth Cole


New York Fashion Week: Men’s Highlights

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is in our rear-view mirror, but discussion and photo gawking is never over! Since collections are shown six months in advance of when they’ll be hitting the shelves, there’s plenty of time to pick favorites and try to pinpoint trends for next season. The ladies get plenty of attention, but […]


Statement necklaces are here to stay

A few seasons ago, I would have told you that big, bold statement necklaces were a passing fad. But time has proven that these chunkly necklaces are here to stay—at least, for a few more seasons. When it comes to statement necklaces, I think of simplicity. Sometimes it’s hard to coordinate what jewelry and accessories […]

statement necklaces

Simple dress shoes

Here’s a Good Buy for the guys! It’s another pair of classic dress shoes that will last a lifetime—or until you wear them out because they’re so versatile! These Kenneth Cole Reaction black dress shoes are size 11.5. They’re an easy-to-wear, slip-on style with no ties to come undone and be tripped on. Kenneth Cole […]

Kenneth Cole REACTION

Building A Better Benetton

Once upon a time, Benetton was hot, like, on-fire hot. Their ads were everywhere, their clothes were everywhere, and everybody wanted a piece of the action. Their retina-searing, every-color-on-the-colorwheel advertisements of the 1980s were as visually stunning as their ads in the 1990s were shocking and provocative. The image at right was created by Oliviero […]


Ask The Fashionista: Just A Regular Guy

Ah yes, dear readers. Sometimes it’s very easy for the DCGF to get stuck in her rarefied (in my own mind, anyway) world of highfalutin’ fashion and forget about some potential blog readers who have never heard of Thakoon or Lanvin, and spend most of their thinking on fashion deciding which pair of jeans to […]


On Trend: Spring Shoes

I’m happy to announce today the premiere of a new feature on the blog, “On Trend.” I’ll be bringing you the latest trends from the fashion mags and showing you how to find them at Goodwill for a fraction of the cost! I won’t do this every week, but whenever I spy what’s new and […]


A Duo Of Darling Dresses

One for now and one for later, dear readers. That’s how I think of these two lovelies from Kenneth Cole Reaction that are this week’s Goodwill Good Buy of the Week. It’s a little tough to find dresses from his second line these days, especially two in such excellent condition. The first one – the […]