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Kate Spade


Fashionista Friday: The Style Mavens aka Stylish Snow Bunnies

If you caught my post on Monday, you know that I spent my snowy Saturday among a group of fellow fashionistas with a passion for savvy resale deals. Although the snow cut us short and we only got to scavenge two stores, these ladies did not leave any place empty handed! From vintage frocks to […]


Fashionista Friday: Kate Spade perfection via Goodwill

To say I am a shoe lover is an understatement, dear readers. Ever since my childhood I’ve just been drawn to shoes. Any style, any size, any color – if it was loose, you better believe my five-year-old self had slipped my foot in and paraded it around. No shoe was safe near me. Although […]


Saturday Spotlight: Arlington Goodwill on Columbia Pike

The DCGF’s Take: The Columbia Pike Goodwill in Arlington, VA is undeniably my favorite store of Goodwill of Greater Washington’s. While on the smaller side in comparison to others I will be featuring, this store never comes up short on seriously amazing finds. This store is a shoe lover’s paradise, dear readers. Back in my […]


Saturday Spotlight: DC Goodwill on South Dakota Avenue

The DCGF’s Take: The South Dakota Avenue store is one of my favorites, dear readers. This store is bursting with natural light which we all know is critical when shopping for clothes! It is incredibly spacious and I find it to be very well-laid out. The organization of the clothes, sizing and other various items […]


My Favorite Thing (From Goodwill): Kate Spade Leather Accessories

Dear readers, in honor of the Kate Spade Surprise Sale that I refrained from participating in this week, I am writing to you about my favorite brand for women’s accessories. Oh, Kate Spade, you embody class and polish but man, are you expensive. I filled my cart during the 75% off sale three times this […]


Statement necklaces are here to stay

A few seasons ago, I would have told you that big, bold statement necklaces were a passing fad. But time has proven that these chunkly necklaces are here to stay—at least, for a few more seasons. When it comes to statement necklaces, I think of simplicity. Sometimes it’s hard to coordinate what jewelry and accessories […]

statement necklaces

Buckle Up!

I love handbags, but they don’t always love me.  On any given day I need to carry a wallet, camera, Soda Stream water bottle, lunch bag, extra pair of shoes, and a newspaper.  And I travel light compared to many of my friends! That’s why I need a bag that can handle all that, plus […]


She Wore Blue Velvet

Ahh…velvet.  It’s a tricky fabric.  Many of us probably have memories of a hideous childhood dress that combined velvet, taffeta, a large bow or two bow, and possibly a lace peter pan collar thrown in for good measure.  Banish those thoughts, dear readers, because velvet  – and its kid cousin, velour – has been making […]

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Guest Blogger: EcoBusiness Suit?

A Stylish and Sustainable Business Suit? Does it exist? The short answer is yes. Many of us are starting to wake up, as consumers, to where our food comes from. Recent pathogen outbreaks, movies like Food, Inc., and bestsellers like Skinny Bitch and The Omnivore’s Dilemma have put a spotlight on factory farms, conventional vs. […]


Summery Shoes

This week we have 2 pairs of gorgeous designer shoes for your bidding enjoyment! The first pair is by Kate Spade in a size 7.5. They are pink pointy-toed mules with a 2 inch heel and a beautiful gold buckle that ties with a delicate leather bow. The insole reads “Kate Spade New York” in […]

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