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Pretty Patterns & Playful Platforms

Fashionistas, for today’s edition of #MyGoodwillFind, we’re basically offering up a whole entire look! DC Goodwill stores have SO many great clothing finds that pair well together, I figured I’d start composing some outfits. Today’s look is a little more out there in terms of patterns. But readers, I guarantee this outfit will turn heads […]

Pretty Patterns & Playful Platforms

A Bit of Panache for a Super Bowl Party

The days are counting down to the big game, and I’ve been invited to multiple parties to celebrate the two teams competing. While I am not a fan of football, I do love spending time with friends, eating treats and having another excuse to get dressed up, although casual. For a Super Bowl party, I […]


A “jort” story and style guide

I’ve had a long history with jean shorts (that which we will refer to as jorts from here on out). As a child of the nineties, the jort was the coolest bottom; a perfect match to your daisy crop top and glitter jellies. I carried my love of the jort into my teens and battled […]


DCGF Q & A: Shop the Goodwill Outlet like a pro

You might think that dropping your clothing and housewares off at Goodwill is the last step in recycling. But would you believe your stuff’s journey just begins when it comes out of the trunk of your car? In some parts of the country, Goodwill Outlet locations bring out Goodwill’s wild side. Items that don’t sell […]