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Guest Blogger: Accessorizing Your Living Space

Not only is Goodwill a great place to purchase clothing, but it’s also the perfect destination for accessorizing and sprucing up your living space. I just moved into a new apartment and I desperately need inexpensive and funky décor FAST! There’s no way I can live in a place that doesn’t match my wardrobe (just […]

Accessorizing Your Living Space

Entertain on a budget with glassware from Goodwill

When the Goodwill Gal visited this spring, she tore through our DC store and left us with tons of great ideas for shopping on a budget for your closet and home. She gave us a tip for entertaining on a budget, with the help of some glassware she found in our store. Glass jars, vases, […]

Veggie bar

DCGF Guest Posts about Stylish and Vintage Bargains

Good morning dear readers! Last month I had the privilege of guest blogging at some local DC blogs about shopping at Goodwill. Stop by, show some love, and leave comments! Beltway Bargain Mom: Organize At Home For Less With Vintage Bargains   Chic Done Cheap: Goodwill: Your home for stylish bargains Happy Friday!


Fashion forward: The vintage home

Style—for the body and for the home—is so often seen as a woman’s game. But today, I really have to give a shout-out to a really stylish man. So Joel, this one’s for you. I’m not going to admit that I’ve checked up on Joel, but it seems that this particular man spends some of […]


Goodwill @Home: A Simple Chair

Blogger Amy of Home to You recently had a hankering for a new chair. Not a basic, brand-new chair. She wanted to get crafty about it. So she went to Goodwill in search of a seat that needed a little love. She found it, paid a flat $5, and skeedaddled—home to her supplies and a […]

Simple chair