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What I Wore: Sunday Afternoon Funk

Despite having the rainy week blues, my vibrant outfits helped to lift my spirits and increase my confidence, even though, my stylish pieces were often worn under raincoats (ha!). Last Sunday afternoon was quite a rainy one, but despite the weather, I was able to unleash my inner 80’s rockstar at my band’s second show. […]

rockstar 2

DIY Upcycled Stuffed Cactus

One of my favorite things about Goodwill’s mission is their commitment to social sustainability.  Sustainability is such a buzzword these days, and environmental sustainability happens to be one of my biggest goals for 2018.  As someone that loves changing things around in her home and making new things, I wanted to do so by being […]

Pillows from Goodwill

Fashionista Friday: Bling into Spring J Crew Gems

Fashionistas, last week was St. Patrick’s Day. And while we were all thinking about the color green, today’s Fashionista Friday was thinking about green living! On Instagram, this creative Goodwill diva used the #MyGoodwillfind hashtag to cleverly call out how she celebrated St. Patty’s Day without all the partying. Today’s lovely lady is a North […]


Fashionista Friday: A Collection of Capes and Cardigans

Dearest fashionistas, many types of items can add a touch of warmth to a look that is making you feel chilly. Coats, blazers, ponchos…..the options are endless. Today’s Fashionista Friday shows us a lot of options likes capes and cardigans that will keep you comfy and looking super cute! I found @BaileyMichelle88’s Instagram feed while I […]

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.53.44 PM

Guest Blogger: Summer, Sunshine, Sandals, Sexy!!!!

Without sweaters, coats, gloves, scarves or any other heavy winter layers to worry about, summer is the one time of the year when you can slip on a sexy sun dress and let your accessories complete you look. It’s getting warm by the day, so time for sandals and showing off your pretty feet. But remember, you can’t slide them on and walk out […]

tu anh original

Twirl in tweed

  If you’re searching for a skirt that goes with just about everything in your wardrobe, this tweed number (place a bid here!) is a safe bet. It’s like an Impressionist work of art—from arm’s length, it looks like an ordinary green skirt. But up-close, this tweed garment has more colors than you could imagine! […]

Tweed skirt

Oh, chartreuse

The 64th Emmy Awards were just about to lull me into an early bedtime on Sunday night when I realized I had been missing the obvious fashion connection all night: Chartreuse. (Yellow chartreuse, if I may be specific.) In the sea of wispy television stars wearing wispy, tulle-covered concoctions, several stars stepped out in this […]


Miss who? Miss Sixty!

Feast your eyes on this new-with-tags beauty (click here to bid)! Autumn wedding attendees, I’ve saved this one for you. This Miss Sixty dress (size 10) features a crossover pleated bodice for a faux-wrap look and is 100% polyester. The skirt has knife pleats all the way around, but the back of the bodice is […]

Miss Sixty teal dress Goodwill

Go-anywhere perfect capris

I don’t get excited about pants or capris a lot mostly because it’s so hard for this fashionista to find the right fit. Is it just me? Am I the odd one out when it comes to perfectly fitting pants? But don’t let my lack of faith in pants get YOU down, dear reader. I […]