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Goodwill work outfit


A Fitness Gear Goldmine

Can you believe it’s already the last day of February? That means, spring is quickly approaching with warmer temperatures paving the way for relaxing runs and outdoor activities.  This year, I want to run and work out in style with my new fashion finds. To prep for the next few months, I visited Goodwill in Dale […]

fitness goldmine 1

Fashionista Friday: Christina’s Goodwill Work Outfit

Kicking back on a relaxing night after work (with some wine), I was looking through the Goodwill hashtags, and spotted Christina’s sensational head to toe Goodwill work appropriate outfit. What caught my attention was her fabulous color combination. The yellow, the blues….the colors are ┬ápaired together perfectly to create a poppin’ summer look. As you’ve […]

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