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Fashionista Friday: Thinking of Warmer Days

  One of my greatest winter Goodwill shopping tips is to think warm! When it’s warm out, I find my best coats. And when it’s cold, I find my coolest summer items! Shoppers are usually looking for items they need now and don’t think to search for items for the next season. But when you […]


Store Spotlight: Waldorf Goodwill

The DCGF’s Take: Dear readers, I know a lot of you are located in the heart of DC and Northern Virginia, but if you’re looking for a little weekend adventure – I’ve got a stop you must make. Head south on Route 5 and you’ll run into the Waldorf Goodwill Store. I like to consider […]


Store Spotlight: Falls Church Goodwill

The DCGF’s Take: Dear readers, if you’re itching for a new Goodwill shop to frequent – I’ve got the low down on another Falls Church, VA location. This store is located right off of Arlington Boulevard.  Don’t fret about parking at this location because it’s located in a shopping center so there’s plenty of spots. […]


My Favorite Thing (From Goodwill): Angie Maxi Dress

Fashionistas, if you’ve ever worn a maxi style dress or skirt, you will totally understand why I am featuring this Angie maxi dress as one of my favorite things from Goodwill.The maxi is one of my go-to styles; there is just this classy ere about a full length dress that makes me feel so put […]


Guest Blogger: Arm Swag

I take my jewelry cues from Mr. T. and clothing isn’t the only thing I’ll be layering this season. You see, I have a mild obsession with what I call “arm swag.” As the name implies, it’s a party on your arm. Sparked by my growing collection of bracelets, I noticed that I loved them […]

arm swag

A Goodwill blazer, two ways

I picked up a blazer during my last trip to Goodwill that is somewhere between slate and navy on the color scale. The tag had been removed, so I wasn’t sure where the piece originated, but I knew a couple of things: the color was awesome, the fit was great, and the fabric felt so […]

Goodwill blazer two ways

Guest Blogger: The Dinner Jacket

To truly stand out at your festive holiday events, consider the dinner jacket. When you hear the words dinner jacket, what images come to mind? To me, the dinner jacket captures the essence of a more romantic era of 1930’s Hollywood. In the golden film era the dinner jacket  became synonymous with elegance, confidence and […]

houndstooth tux

Building my dream kitchen

I know what my dream kitchen looks like. It’s a little like this: It’s charming. Functional. There is maybe a cat or two lounging nearby. But in reality, my kitchen looks more like this: I haven’t (yet) covered a ping-pong table with a tablecloth like Snoopy at Thanksgiving. But the chairs definitely don’t match, and […]

Retro Renovation yellow kitchen

Fashion experiments, made possible with Goodwill

Sometimes, you just hit the frugal jackpot. I stopped by the South Dakota Avenue Goodwill store on Monday with the primary purpose of dropping off a bag of donations from my closet and a bag from my neighbor’s closet (What can I say? We’re doing our winter cleaning.). I had a secondary purpose—to look for […]

High & Crye shirt at Goodwill

Fashionista Friday: Carlis’s Tweed Jacket

Carlis, Fashionista Friday veteran, wows us again this week. Not only is she rocking Goodwill on the streets of DC—she’s also doing it in a blazer she got from Goodwill last year. Revisiting past loves? Sounds like a successful Goodwill purchase to me. She wrote on the Spicy Candy DC blog, “Cleaning out my closet […]

Goodwill tweed jacket
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