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My Favorite Thing (From Goodwill): Tory Burch Wedges

Fellow frugal fashionistas, I feel as if I have truly hit a milestone in my Goodwill shopping career. After more than a decade of searching, I finally found my favorite designer, Tory Burch, in my size! I have come across probably close to twenty pairs of Tory Burch flats, heels and sandals during my thrifting […]

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Guest Blogger: Trends I Hate: Open-Toed Mules

Oh, my fashion-savvy friends, we have to talk about one of the season’s hottest footwear trends. They’re everywhere; department stores, consignment shops, thrift stores, yard sales, fashion resale apps. I can’t seem to escape this recently resurfaced trend that I’ve been dodging since 1997.  The open-toed mule. Rather than taking the traditional 90’s Steve Madden Platform […]

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Fashionista Friday: Stephanie’s Ankle Strap Luichiny Heels

Fashionistas, I’ve been following Stephanie’s Instagram and blog  for a year or so now, and gosh, she is Atlanta’s own Goodwill expert! Week-after-week, she’s always taking something new from Goodwill home that makes me thing, “Darn! I wish I had found that!” Stephanie is a wife, mother, freelance makeup artist and all around bargain hunter from Virginia […]

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Step into Spring (In Comfort!)

Dear readers, I have another style confession to make today. I am the worst offender of wearing “cute” shoes that absolutely destroy my feet to the point where I make not only myself but moreso, everyone around me feel miserable! A few weekends back, I spent the afternoon walking across the Key Bridge over to […]


Goodwill Insta Round-Up

I’ve got a confession to make, dear readers. One of my relaxing evening habits to cuddle under a warm blanket and scroll through savvy Goodwill shopping hashtags on Instagram. I can’t tell you how much I love checking out your finds (from Goodwill Stores all over the country!). Scrolling through “#goodwill” “#mygoodwillfind” and “goodwillfinds” gives […]


The chunky oxford

The chunky heel made it way back on to the fashion scene through last year as did a sleek oxford style. I’m giving a prediction that the two will merge into a hybrid offspring that is utterly and completely chic for feminine footwear this winter. These two styles are fantastic due to the fact they […]


Fashionista Friday: Heidi

As spring temperatures finally begin to approach, it’s tempting to ditch all the neutrals from your closet and embrace bright, sunny colors that match your mood. But not so fast, Fashionistas. This lovely lady proves that black is still perfect for any occasion—even spring weather. Personal style blogger Heidi of Jax and Jewels gets honors […]


Great Goodwill Shoes

They say that “April showers bring May flowers,” but in the DC region, it’s common for those showers to continue into May….and June, and sometimes July. Rain gear is a must in our region, but knee-high galoshes can be overkill in warm weather. So I was tickled to find this petite alternative to Wellingtons at […]