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Add Fearful Flair with Spooky Spider Vases

Why not transform Goodwill vases into “BOO-tiful” pieces to scare up some Halloween fun! With black spray paint, white puffy fabric paint, and seasonal accessories, you can easily create frightening spider web vases. Age Level:  Older kids, teens, and adults Items needed: Glass or ceramic vases Black spray paint White puffy fabric paint Fake spiders and other Halloween […]

spooky vase 12

3 Ways to Revamp a Lampshade Using Upcycled Clothing

See the light by giving an old lampshade a new look with a scarf or blouse.  So many great ways to transform it…here are three ideas resulting in totally different looks. Ability level:  Moderate to advanced Age Level:  Older teens and adults  Items needed: A lamp with shade A scarf or blouse 1 can of […]

lamp upcycle 1

Light Up Your Outdoor Space with Style

My patio furniture is comfy and functional, but it is also a little “blah.” I found the perfect item at Goodwill to light up my outdoor space with style. With a little imagination and some solar lights, you can easily add a personal touch to your outdoor space too. My DIY Solar Light was easy […]

1. DIY Solar Light

Take an Old Bike for a New Spin: As an Eye-Catching Planter

Transform a bicycle into a planter that will be sure to turn heads.  You’ll do wheelies when you see how easy – and charming -this project is!   Ability level:  Easy Age Level:  Kids (with some supervision) and adults  Items needed: A bicycle Two baskets or buckets 4 cans of spray paint for bike 1 can […]

bike 10

Upcycle Pretty Plates Into Fancy Bird Feeders

Goodwill always has a nice selection of pretty plates, teacups, and saucers which are the perfect things to upcycle into fancy bird feeders for your outdoor space. You can make a fancy bird feeder several ways.  This video offers a few ideas, including hanging bird feeders and ones you poke into the ground. No matter […]

1. Upcycled Birdfeeder

Staging your Home with Goodwill Finds before you Sell

Last week I shared that my family is moving to Italy for my husband’s job.  I’ve been turning to Goodwill more and more to help with that transition since moving can be expensive.  This week I’m sharing how we staged our home with Goodwill finds.  My home is already decorated in almost purely secondhand goods, but I wanted […]

staging 1

Add Sparkle to Your Space with a Teapot Wind Chime

Your garden, front porch, patio or balcony will shimmer with an upcycled silver teapot and silverware when they join forces to become a one-of-a-kind wind chime.  Rather than collecting dust and taking up space in your dining room or in a china cabinet, upcycle these forgotten pieces into an eye-catching wind chime and add wonderful […]

teapot 1

Serving Platter Bird Bath & Feeder for Your Feathered Friends

Give your feathered friends the first-class treatment with bird baths and feeders created from silver platters, dishes, and candle holders.  This oh-so-easy project will add bling to your outdoor space and be sure to attract the attention of local bird flocks. Ability level:  Easy Age Level:  Kids of all ages Items needed: Silver platters, silver candy […]

bird bath 1

Guest Blogger: End Table Turned Pet Bed

Your pet will flip for this end table turned bed!  With all the unconditional love our four-legged family members give us, they deserve to have a chic and unique bed to call their very own.  Give your fabulous feline or cool canine his or her own place to sleep by turning a ho-hum end table […]

pet bed 1

Fashionista Friday: Becca’s $500+ Arlington, VA Haul

Becca, a close friend of mine, is an Arlington, VA Goodwill genius.  I first introduced her on the blog in 2016 when she found a plethora of name brand fall fashion staples from the Glebe Road, Goodwill store. This time around, she’s kicking-off spring with another successful home decor and fashion haul from Goodwill!  This week, […]

yellow vase
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