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The DCGF Has Moved to DC!

Fashionistas, I was born and raised in the DC area, but I’ve always lived on the outskirts of the city. I grew up in Bethesda, went to school in DC, then moved right back to Bethesda after I graduated from grad school. Bethesda was my home; I knew it like the back of my hand […]

DCGF moved

Ending the year on a fresh note

As we wind down 2014, the time has come to prepare for a fresh start, dear readers. For us fashionistas, that almost always means a closet audit, complete with emotional partings of our favorite LBDs and total reorganization of our most coveted spaces. There is a positive to all that cleaning, though: a brimming bag […]


The goBin: Making donating even easier for Goodwill fashionistas

SF Goodwill blew me away this week with its introduction of the goBin, its new textile donation bin that’s designed for city living. Here are a few numbers that show why this automated donation device is so important: “Designed to serve multi-unit apartment towers, the innovative Goodwill goBINTM, lets residents donate – and do good […]

goBin SF Goodwill

On Earth Day, do your part at Goodwill!

  Earth Day is here, and since I just took a journey to Goodwill for some needed household goods (more on that soon!), I’m basking in the glow of the 3 Rs: Reducing, reusing, and recycling! The above video is from early 2012, but the information is still true: just about everything you donate to […]

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Your Goodwill donations really make a difference!

Because you’re a savvy Goodwill shopper, you know that cleaning out your closets and donating your clothing and housewares to Goodwill provides savings to other shoppers. But your donations also contribute to our training and assistance programs for locals that are unemployed or underemployed. While you’re patting yourself on the back for keeping items out […]


Get ready for 2013 with our top 10 items to donate!

Happy holidays! I’m taking the week off to spend time with friends and family. But I know that holiday periods are often times when you’re at home trying to be productive…say, cleaning out your closet, perhaps? The end of the year is prime time to make donations to your local Goodwill. After all, it’s your […]

Goodwill glittering Christmas tree