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The Best Two New Summer Staples

Every fashionista needs these two summer staples in her closet: a peplum-style top and jazzy peep toe heels! A classic peplum top always accentuates all the right curves. And peep toes… need I say more? Buy It Now: Intermix Blouse Luckily, today I have you covered. Today’s #MyGoodwillFinds consist of two fabulous, name brand, designer […]

The Best Two New Summer Staples

Chevron Goddess Boutique Sequin Dress

During our Gaithersburg Meetup, I found this cute, fun and whimsical chevron sequin sparkly dress, sitting on the racks, waiting to be purchased. So I took it home with me! Unfortunately, when at the store, I didn’t follow one of my Goodwill shopping tricks: always trying items on. Alas, the dress was too big, but […]

chevron patterned cream dress

Glitter Hair Roots: The Newest Terrible Hair Trend

Fashionistas, I know this isn’t a beauty blog but I had to write about this new hair trend that I think is honestly…..just plain stupid. When surfing the web last week, I came across this new trend among younger adults: glitter roots. What is that you ask? It’s when girls put glitter gel (is it […]

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It’s almost time for our 2012 gala! What will I wear?

The night we’ve been waiting for is almost here—finally! I’ve been thinking about La Passione di Milano for so long it barely seems like a reality. But the models’ looks are ready, the trunk show is packed, and I’m ready to celebrate everyone’s hard work. Except…I haven’t exactly figured out what to wear for our […]

Goodwill gala outfit 1