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Tips on Hosting Your Very Own Clothing Swap

Now that my winter cleaning is in full force, I have many clothing items that need to go to a good home. While many of them are being donated to Goodwill, I would still like to share the fashion love with some of my close friends and provide them with items that I know they’ll […]

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Giving Thanks This Holiday Season

Fashionistas, during the holiday season I always get a tad sentimental. Especially with Thanksgiving being just days away. This weekend I had some down time and spent those moments thinking about the past year, reflecting on events and experiences of 2016. I’ve come to realize this year has been one of lots of change and […]

2016 DCGF MeetUp Collage

Recap: Annandale Rd, VA Goodwill Meetup

On the last Saturday of August, a bunch of local Goodwill fashionistas of all ages hit up one of the less talked about Goodwills; the Falls Church store located on Annandale Rd. The exterior is fresh and inviting, with the inside being extremely organized. The staff at this particular spot is always especially friendly when […]


Guest Blogger: Memoirs of a Shopping Bus Tour Fashionista

Any seasoned Goodwill Fashionista knows shopping can be tiring! It takes a lot of focus and stamina to have a successful visit, or visits in my case!  In order to move seamlessly and energetically from one Goodwill to the next, one needs to be in a great mood, comfortable, hydrated and well fed!  Saving money […]

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The Fashion on ‘Friends’ is Just Disappointing

Yep, I said it. I’m not a fan of the fashion on the funny and addictive hit show ‘Friends.’ After skimming through this article, discussing it with friends (haha), and seeing the style making its way back onto the streets, I’ve started to form an opinion on the show’s fashion: I really don’t like it. […]

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