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Great for Slippers, Not for the Streets: Furry Shoes

A few days ago, I was looking up 2015 trends to get ideas for the blog and I came across an article by Elle with some great new looks to try….and some trends that were dreadful. Absolutely awful. One of them is an emerging new type of footwear that reminds me of your favorite Stars Wars character’s […]

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DC Goodwill Grand Opening: Kings Hwy Alexandria, VA

Yay! Do you know how excited I am about the new Goodwill opening on Kings Highway in Alexandria, VA? I’m ECSTATIC! A new store not only means it’s another location for me to peruse in the area, but it also has already created a ton more new jobs in the community. There’s a new staff […]


Guest Blogger: Thrifting for Designer Gems

In the past, I’ve found Valentino, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, and much more all while thrifting. Anything ranging from coats, to boots, to authentic designer purses – you name it, I’ve found it. With these three tips below, you can start collecting designer gems in no time and begin building the closet of your […]


Fashionista Friday: The Luri & Wilma team

Regular readers will recall how much I enjoy  Luri & Wilma, “the smart magazine for smart ladies.” The L&W team members can often be found browsing at our local Goodwill stores in search of the perfect eco-friendly look that matches up with this season’s trends. Luri & Wilma’s latest issue is jam-packed with Goodwill style […]

Luri & Wilma travel shoot