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Fashion Week


3 Spring Fashion Trends to Look for at Goodwill

Fashionistas, as you might know, I LOVE marching to the beat of my own fashion drum. In between making my own trends and rocking all vintage, I sometimes find it hard to keep up with fashion fads because I know they can be fleeting. This year, however, I’m really feeling the spring 2018 Fashion Week […]


New York Fashion Week: Men’s Highlights

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is in our rear-view mirror, but discussion and photo gawking is never over! Since collections are shown six months in advance of when they’ll be hitting the shelves, there’s plenty of time to pick favorites and try to pinpoint trends for next season. The ladies get plenty of attention, but […]


Real-life fashion lessons from the Spring 2013 Couture shows

The Paris Couture shows are some of the most dazzling, jaw-dropping, and inspiring runway shows you’ll ever seeā€”even if you’re just reviewing slideshows of the looks online. But let’s be realistic: the odds of you or I wiggling into any of these couture looks are pretty slim. A boatload of the couture looks aren’t exactly […]


Clutch criticism

New York Magazine’s The Cut is one of my very favorite places to get up-to-the-minute fashion news (with a good dose of gossip). But a recent slideshow made me crabby. The super-blog declared over-sized portfolio clutches as “the bag of the season,” noting that candidates in the category must “be strapless and the size of […]

The Cut Portfolio slideshow

Required Reading: Fashionista

It’s not just because of the name, cross my heart. I love Fashionista for more than just our taste in titles. Since I’m skipping New York Fashion Week this September, I thought I’d let you in on where I get my review and slideshow fix. Fashionista covers Fashion Week around the globe with up-to-the-minute recaps […]