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Celebrity Fall Trend: The Color-Pop

Dearest readers, you might’ve (probably) have heard me mention this trend time and time again: the color-pop. Color-popping is when you literally add a bright pop of color to a more neutral colored outfit, whether it’s all-black, browns, or navy blues. Really, any outfit that’s subtle in tone and color. Color-popping can also be done with […]

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Cut-Out Buckle Booties

Dear readers, for some reason I clearly have opinions on what shoes should go with or without socks. A few weeks ago, I went off on my hatred of socks and sandals, but for this piece, I’m talking about a shoe that needs socks: cut-out buckle booties. Lately, cut-out booties have become quite popular. They’re […]

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Back to School Trend? Wide Leg and Bell Bottom Jeans

The following day I read an article saying bell bottoms and wide leg jeans were back in style for back-to-school.  It makes sense why I’m seeing bell bottoms and wide legged jeans on everyone lately! Seriously, in the past week, I must have encountered them at least 5 times. Here are my thoughts on this […]


Just Belt It!

Being on the petite side, dear readers, I sometimes find clothing that I LOVE, but are too big and baggy on my figure. Even if it’s labeled as my size, it can just be too big. BUT that still doesn’t prevent me from bringing it home with me. I mean how can I pass up […]

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On Trend: Kimono style

Kimonos are cropping up everywhere this summer and I am lusting over this breezy summer style. It is relaxed and flowy yet I’ve seen bloggers and celebs alike wear it in the most polished of fashions. Crop tops are being heavily debated this season; I find the kimono a great solution to the over-exposure arguement […]


Mid-finger rings: Love, or hate?

In another edition of “do we like this?” I give to you, dear readers: The mid-finger ring. I’ve seen ’em all over the fashion pages and on trend alerts galore. These rings sit just below your middle knuckle, closer to your fingertip than your hand. While sometimes bold in color, they’re usually made of a […]

Mid-finger rings