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The Shirtdress – A perfect busy gal staple

I’ve got a trend to share that deserves a place in the busy gal’s wardrobe. I love “all-in-one outfit” pieces not only because they’re easy, but more importantly because they’re savvy! Shopping for a dress at Goodwill for $8.99 is the most cost-effective way to dress on a dime. Not that a $4.99 top and […]

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Clogs Make a Comeback

Dear readers, I have some exciting news today! As I was partaking in my usual perusal of fashion headlines, I spotted something that made me revel in a moment of nostalgic bliss. It read “Return of the Clog” and I couldn’t help by get lost in a childhood memory. You see, clogs were my absolute […]


Steilmann Springtime Stripes

Today’s My Goodwill Find is especially unique, dear readers. A brand unknown to the DCGF is a rarity around here. I stumbled upon this piece as I was carefully choosing a selection of garments that would fits the needs of our diverse readership. The tag read Steilmann. Hmph. That called for a fashionista Google search! […]


My Favorite Thing (From Goodwill): Gingham Perfection

Few things feel good to a savvy shopping fashionista as finding the hottest trends during their peak for fractions of retail value. That happened to me a week back at the Columbia Pike Goodwill store and I knew I’d found my latest favorite thing from Goodwill. Remember my post earlier this spring about Gingham? It […]


Step into Spring (In Comfort!)

Dear readers, I have another style confession to make today. I am the worst offender of wearing “cute” shoes that absolutely destroy my feet to the point where I make not only myself but moreso, everyone around me feel miserable! A few weekends back, I spent the afternoon walking across the Key Bridge over to […]


Getting to the Sole of the Heel Debate

Dear readers, I got caught in the middle of a fashion debate while I was getting my teeth cleaned a few weeks ago and I just had to share it with you to see your thoughts on what seems to be a hot topic. As my dental hygienist was doing her usual scrape and poke […]

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Gladiators, yet again.

I’m incredibly curious to know your opinions on this resurfaced trend, dear readers. Tall gladiator sandals have been on and off for the warm weather trend now for the past few years. Personally, I could never get fully absorbed in the tall, wrap and tie style sandals that all the fashion mags declared the hottest […]


Casual Stripes in Banana Republic

Today’s My Goodwill Find is brought to you by one of my favorite brands, Banana Republic. They’re known for their classic and clean designs and today’s piece is emblematic of that signature, dear readers. If you’re thinking ahead to your spring wardrobe, I’ve got the perfect staple knit dress to get your started! Buy it […]


90’s Necklines, Here to Stay!

I am bringing you some more fashion trend news today, dear readers. This little tidbit should give you a little sparkle in your eye as, together, we all anxiously await warmer temperatures. I’m still reviewing footage from NYFW and I’ve spotted yet another resurfaced trend. Although, this one is far more recent than many, I […]

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My Favorite Thing (from Goodwill): Chambray Blazer via Halogen

Remember back last summer when I said I didn’t think chambray really had a place in the office? Well, since then, you’ve convinced me that it can be done with some strategic styling. So, I’ll be honest, I’ve been on the look out for the right chambray-esque piece to add to my work rotation. I […]

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